La Douche Vita, a local brand by Asti Surya is about to launch their latest collection's first showcase

Being well-known as a brand whose designs combine the casual wear with an extra edgy twist, this time, they left the shred phenomenon and come with a "creepy" kinda beauty sheer pieces

Part 3: The Mistycal shows a range of versatility and bravery in its concept, still unisex *for those men who have guts*, i see it as a totally fresh way to define feminism

Please check out the The Mistycal video to preview the collections
It starts with a lovely Javanese traditional chanting that sort of exposes the horror side and then changed into a super nice laid-back jazzy tune entitled "Misty" by Ella Fitzgerald 
I fell for the song since the very first watch, and i bet you will too!


Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

6 comment:

Sari_Hime said...

Wow,videonya keren banget! Ada feeling mistisnya, tapi juga ada feel lovelynya. And, kaos skeletonnya keren banget. hehehehe

H-S said...

iyaya horror2 suzanna gitu,,hehe tp lebih modern dong, bagus tuh yg yang motif garis-garis, dan skrng lagi pada pake yang menerawang2 ya... pake ah ntar LOL

Lisa and Kirana said...

hehehe sama sama kak Ario! thanks for your lovely comment too :DD itu yang didalem botol yang hijau itu gula kak, kalo yang 2 lagi itu cuma hiasan hiasannya aja :)and also love the video!!! yeah, i agree that that Javanese song shows the horror side.


I love Asti's collection too! Full of inspirations :D
p.s. suksesss for the event yaaa! semogaa hitsss!hehe

Gilbert Ganda said...

Love the campaign video!
such a local talent!


ARIO ACHDA said...

@ sari: agree! kontras bgt ya antara mistis dan cantiknya! tp nyatu!

@ H-S: iya sama!!! yg stripes sheer itu gw jg suka bgt ! ada yg item juga di...ayo nanti tengok waktu BSM! haha

@ Lisa and Kirana: ur very welcome girls! :) aku jg aga takut denger bagian jawanya, hehehe >.<

@ Oline: canggih ya! yg dulu jaman shredded tee jg aku suka bgttt. btw thanks u ya liiiiine!!!

@ gilbert: indeed it is!!! bangga ya banyak desainer lokal yg kece2 >.< hahaha