Good day, friends and people !
I wanna send out my brightest hello to the universe. How are you and how was your April Fool?
How many did you fool or how many times you were fooled?
Or perhaps you think that it is so childish to celebrate April Fool and messing around with people's mind?
Well, i don't do April Fool but i got a few pranks yesterday. Just something to laugh at and i didn't feel that i was fooled at all :p
However, i will do feel so foolish if i don't post this next episode of HANDGEMAAKT session with Zico Halim that i've been sharing quite frequently since January this year
Just to remind you that we did 5 to 6 episode and this one that i'm about to share is the third one
Once again Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome HANDGEMAAKT by Zico Halim

Photographed by: Zico Halim // Styling by: Zico and me

 God bless Zico Halim for capturing angles where i look most presentable
I LOVE these outfit much especially the details both at the back of the shirt and the tip of the pants that i folded and wear high socks inside to make it my own style and i think i did quite good
His Batik touched collection is definitely young if you know how to work it :p  
The price ain't there for nothing, it's a very very well tailored kind
Oh, and welcome back to motherland, Zico Halim !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

12 comment:

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

great photos.... and i love your shirt ariooo >.<

sari setyorini said...

Great, style Dear friend!
Kalungnya bagus ya~

Claireta Teressa said...

flawless as usual ko ario ♥
i love your neclace and ring!


Dimmykull said...

Anything goes well with one sleek piece of white shirt ;)



Vania Aprilia said...

awesome photos!

Pudding Monster

Tamara Emilia said...

you look so stunning <3
love your blog so much
followed you blog :D


C. Belvin said...

loved your shirt<3


Diana Netaneel caitilin said...

oh em ji i love your necklace ario!!the last photo is simply make me laugh! *in a good way :P

Diana Netaneel caitilin said...

ps. you always have "cute" pose!<3

Danny Suyandi said...

super like the details on the back of the shirt!


Izzaura said...

wohoo really cool!
great photo (plus the cool editing) & great jewelries, the necklace's really something!

cheers, Izzaura

Mitha Komala said...

kakak kece sekaliiii! love the necklace and pants <3