I love when a woman goes super edgy!
It takes a lot of courage to jump out of the box and the stereotype that our society have
However, most women  just can't. They choose to be a chic, feminine, sweet and sophisticated-looking kinda ladies and that is totally fine. Sometimes being super bold is not always the answer and there are so many ways to look great in a simple way that you girls might would prefer
One of them is this line that just won a competition during the latest Indonesia Fashion Week
Nez by a friend of mine, Shahnaz Soraya 

Nez showing the Spring/Summer 2012 mini-collection with the theme 
called Urban Simplicity.It is from the extraordinary combination 
between modern architecture with asymmetric cutting, 
feminine masculine look and Indonesian traditional sarong.
In this collection it really shows how the transformation of 
Indonesian traditional sarong turn into edgy and modern ready-to-wear

In this collection, Nez presents a mini-collection consists of seven 
looks, each pieces have their own uniqueness, from the cutting, 
color and pattern. In each pieces is showing a different mixtures 
of fabrics, like sheer fabric layered with a sarong fabrics.

As for the color of this collection is about bold and playful colors
like red, yellow, green, pink, and aqua color with the mixture 
of sarong print to wear with modern look even there is 
a sarong motive on the outfit

The silhouettes in this season are slightly more sleek and 
asymmetric look, to make it look masculine but still feminine 
in the same time (the combination of bold color and sleek

This mini-collection made for woman who want to look clean, modern
and edgy even they use mixture of sarong and modern fabric.

Their website is still coming soon, but this is the link if someday it's ready!

See? Being a nice and sophisticated woman is not boring if you look like this!
I'm a proud friend

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

2 comment:

Mitha Komala said...

i love the styling! so colorful and fun ;D

kelimutu said...

aaaah, I love almost all color they have. really cheerful and so stunning! ^^

ESMOD have a guhreat graduation student as well. can't wait to see their another collection. :)