This was actually the post that i wanted to do together with the mickey mouse shades from the  EXCLUSION post because i'm wearing another shades that, somehow if you look closely, is in the shape of cat's eyes
Fell with it at the first sight so i decided it's gotta be a main part of me next narcissism session

Just as i tried to impersonate the personality of the animal i'm referring from the mickey mouse shades, i did the same with this one
 Unlike rats that i deeply hate from the core, i like cats quite a lot
I think they are very cute and vulnerable and on the other side, sassy, smart, and manipulative

A diva

So started from this four-lettered word, i start the imagination process and brought my cheap-poses in front of the cheap lens. If the walls in my room could scream in disgust, they would have lost their entire voice !
However, frankly speaking, the diva part wasn't that hard to do >.<
Here it goes. The meow.  The diva . Purrrrrr

Classy . Aggressive . Tactical . Sophisticated

the cats pictures were browsed from google weeks ago 
. . .
 I was wearing: VERSACE X H&M t shirt // ZARA Knitwear // DANJYOHIYOJI half harem pants // peacock feathers necklace // cats' eyes shades

First of all, i like this pants so much. It's the quirkiest trousers i have in the closet. If you take a look closer, it  is slim on one feet and loose on the other feet, so maybe it is a half harem pants? Call it anything, i'm just loving it...

And to matches the cats' eyes fierceness, i was playing with patterns  by combining the VERSACE X H&M t-shirt (which i won from a dear friend of mine, Cindy Karmoko's blog giveaway contest) and the full pattern ZARA  knitwear that has a nuance of winter and American native at the same time. They're totally two different kind of patterns but i think they look great together in the camera. I'm feeling foxy and powerful.   Snap snap ! MEOW ! ! !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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Henny Vitri said...

awesome poses!


my jesus christ! subahanallah! temenku satu ini bener2 sesuatu! divaaaa banget :* i love youuuuuu emuah!

Fahmy Haryandi said...

Eventhough you said it was 'narcissism session' but for me it's looks like 'portfolio photoshoot session' hhehe
I was wondering about ur harem pants :P

and thanks a lot ario for ur comment on my blog. I'm so glad that I could see u on my comment box hhehe :P


Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

kelimutu said...

beep beep, hello there, malfunction huh?
Finally this post is released. I've been looking for this since your last mouse narcissism photoshoot session. omg,I heard the Meow melody here.. :p
but unfortunately it's in B&W and I can't see your true outfit color. But you still looks stunning as always.

yeah, my kind of favorite blogger figure.. haha


M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

Oh my Godness.. so fabulous ariooo >.< Diva banget, love your atitude in this post :) and you are so MEAOW! i love everything on your outfits! Faboosh! <3

Hei Echa!

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

ah enggak juga kok arioo... aku sering visit blog kamu kok... cuma aku jarang update blog aku aja hehehe :D ayo di update lagi outfots post nya io hihihihi

♥ myrrh goldframe ♥ said...

superbly awesome!!! you got the soul of rowrring cat!!!! lurveeee it!

Maria Widjaja said...

why do you have to be so cool?????
love the whole photos<33333

Dimmykull said...

Hi! I'm an Indonesian, just moved to Australia and found your blog's address from some fashion magazine. Just wanted to say, I love your archives and if you could visit mine, it'll be awesome!


Claradevi Handriatmaja said...

elo sih emang jiwa artis banget yaolohhhh ario, should i keep being friends with you or not?
i'm afraid of being your shadow, DIVA MEONG OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

ps : tapi kamyu kuyus dan cakep cekayi dicini *jujur* mmuahh!!

Anastasia Siantar said...

duhh ario hits bgt sihhhhhhhh!

sabrina maida said...

kakaaaaa keren bangeeeet !!!!! jadi mau ketemu

shinly fransisca said...

i love your style. unique.
i fall in love with your style since i found you on another bloggers' photos.
and i do love that knitwear. i'm looking for that kind of knitwear, but didn't find it.
and now i know where i have to buy.

would you mind to visit my blog? i would be very happy if you can leave some comments on it too :D
yeah, i need more comments to develop my passion in fashion :)

Mitha Komala said...

stunning poses kak ario! keep it upppp ;p i love your topppp!!

nadyagita said...

I love cat and I love this post so much! Fierce cat :)