Oh, God only knows how much i'm dying to write a post, but i guess i have to deal with the fact that i am not as free as i was before. Lets just go to the main bussiness, this post is the review of SPOT A VENDRE, which was being held back on Sat, Setember 10th. The event itself was a one day bazaar, with fashion bloggers, LOOKBOOK Jakarta community, and many indie brands

SPOT A VENDRE is actually held by some great friends of mine, including my best mate, so there is no reason not to jump a make a little help, literally little. (>.<). To me personally, that day was an absolute fun, because it's been awhile since i met my blogger fellows and i also met some of new really nice people who create cool brands. I was really broke at that time (well, up until now) that i didn't buy anything, but no worry, as soon as i get my pay check, i might order some necklaces i'd spotted >.<

Thank you and iCreate magazine for coming and taking some shots
 I also took some pictures

 printscreen from ! ! ! and yes, it was me on the right side and my best mate on the left side

Some brands that are super cool *only few from many!!!*
 imela kei
 marie ann
 ONLY I - preview only

The Fashion Bloggers

 Marcella Caroline
 Lalita Tian
 Heidy Kalalo and her another dream catcher *envy envy envy*
 Bethanny Putri
 Caroline Robianto *Don't you wanna kill her and take those legs away?*
 Sabila Anata
 Cindy Karmoko *1000 hype for the tights!*
 June (Paski) + Julia
 Michelle Koesnadi
 Cindy DIAMONDHURTS, always incredibly amazing
and the guest blogger, the dear friend, Imela Kei
Somethin somethin visitors
 Thank you Elco and Melody, fellows from @LOOKBOOKJakarta 

Yes, there it was, the SPOT A VENDRE i've been tweetwhore-ing about. It is done now, and next is #LOOKBOOKnight very soon! ! ! Please do follow the twitter to know the informations

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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ChiChi81 said...

Whoa, that was one fabulous event! I just love bazaars and this was absolutely spectacular! Such great items out on display. This is what I love in events like this, you get to see up-and-coming, independent designers who are truly talented. And it's so hard to resist the impulse to buy hahaha

Thanks for sharing this with us! Missed reading your posts.


A Single Girl's Musings

Caroline Robianto said...

please don't kill me arioooo hahaha :P see you sooooon :P



heyyy, my facee. omg. not cool at all haha.
hmmmm, need quality time again! soon, please..

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

Unfortunately i couldn't come to that prestigious event :( Wish I could for the next event !

claradevi said...

five honestly annoyed words :
another spot a vendre soon will you please!

AuL Howler said...

Seems fun there!

congrats for the event, bang aryo. you're the one behind this event right?



Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

RE H&M : i cant wait for h&m open here in Indonesi and i know izzue and their collection are also amazing !

Karina Dinda R. said...

Wow fabulous event! Wish I was there :(

Karina Dinda R. ♥

ARIO ACHDA said...

@ chichi: yes, it was really good to see so many lovely brand that i'd never seen before but certainly will be great someday soon!

@ kero: hahaha, ga janji ya *masih iri*

@ oline: so not cool? itu wajah aslimu! hahahaha

@ coffe cream: haha, it wasnt that prestigious, it was more like fun and light! be there next time please!!!! :)

@ claire: YES YOU SHOULD HAVE!!! seriously!!!!

@ aul: nooo, yg di belakang ini adalah sahabatku dan sahabat2nya lagi, i only helped !!! :)

@ Karina: i wish you would be there the next time we have this! :)