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It is now not even 10 a.m and i'm feeling a bit sleepy already, which is a surprising thing!!! Been living a nocturnal life for almost a year, then i suddenly have to wake up in the morning again  for work
It is still my first week, and i'm still having a trouble to get up early. BIG TROUBLE *LOL*
So before i finally fall asleep hard like the cursed Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty, i better finish this post that i wanted to post weeks ago

This is another Behind The Scene from Imela Kei (@imela_kei)'s video shoot (this time featuring The Trees and The Wild) ! ! 
The song is called "WHITE LILIES", a not-very-light-but-brilliant ballad from her solo album, SE.LAN.TA
The video was directed by Dmaz Brodjonegoro (@curutsalto) and art directed by Lala Bohang (@lalabohang). Both are genius illustrator and an artsy fartsy double trouble ! !
I liked the concept that they created then fell in love with how they executed it with crazy illustrations and properties. It was like building a whole new universe, the surrealist kind
 The video also featured two unbelievably talented children, Chika (9) and Ilham (7) whose skill in acting left my jaw opened *special standing O for them*

It was shot like three weeks ago, back in Ramaddhan, the fasting month. Such a long day with thirst and hunger but it was all worth the hardwork. Oh, i guess i just felt the euphoria of that day coming on me again. Next i just want to show and share the pictures i took during the day ! ! !

Dmaz Brodjonegoro . Imela Kei . (me) . Lala Bohang

-the three men from the band are not the real The Trees and The Wild due they couldn't be in the video-
-these bad quality and grainy pictures were taken by pocket camera and i set the ISO too high-

The beautiful dress is from vous mer by Merry Sylviani -@thesicentist- (thank u so much Melody Marvely @melodyhuddle-, my friend from Lookbook Jakarta -@LOOKBOOKjakarta- who introduced me to Merry, God knows i love you so much, i'll treat you soon!), and thanks to the incredible team of that day, Andro (@andromedha_okai), Saka (@raesaka), Dade (@bjobotnik), and the always fun MUA, Marina (@marinasitohang) ! ! 
Hope to work with these people again and i can't wait until all the video is uploadable :)

Oh, gee, it's almost 00.00 *spent two hours to arrange the photo layout (-___-")*. Gotta play Aurora right now. Don't let bad bugs bite, people! May your dream is as beautiful as white lilies ! ! ! :) 

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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michellehendra said...

aaaa! the dress so pretty! you look so edgy
i love the concept of surrealist! ;)
the little kids look cute!
and i lve love love love the set!
bravo brava!

aaaa.. i really wanna join you guys at spot a vendre ;(


Tara said...

the dress is superbbbb pretty, love the color and the design, so unique :)

Mitha Komala said...

what an amazing photoshoot, everything looks absolutely perfect :)

ChiChi81 said...

Wow, that set looked amazing, like a grown up wonderland. And the gown looks fab, I love it. Haha... waking up in the morning IS hard. I remember what a pain it was for me to to be up so early, but you'll get used to it, in time :)


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The Vogue Advisor said...

Amazing blog!!!!

felix said...

hey the photos on your blog are really amazing!! :)

Ulrika said...

Love the pictures !

The light blue dress is breathtaking, together with the hair&make up. I love the second to last pic.


AuL Howler said...

who doesn't know lalabohang?
she's amazing in art. too amazing. hehe...

Aul yakin videonya bakal keren...!

be waiting (u,u)

Toowhit toowhoo...!!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

amazing, the photoshoot seemed to be a total success!

fhenny said...

oh this look amazing!
loving the dress and surrealist art
by the way where will you be working ario?
happy that you found the job you like!

style frontier

Karina Dinda R. said...

Amazing! Love the concept :)

Karina Dinda R. ♥

Allysa Rismaya said...

it's so amazing kak >.<
by the way thanks for followed me back :*

kcomekarolina said...

amazing photos!

xoxo from rome

Cindy Karmoko said...

aaaa i love the dress ario. uuu i miss you already, T___T see you on wednesday or maybe next year k? baci e abbracci

sartob, si tobing, tobbily said...

oemjii, awesomeeeee pics!

ARIO ACHDA said...

@ mihen: aaa thank u mihen!!!!! i wish u coula been there! must have been more fun (also goes for claire!)

@ tara: thank you taraaaa!

@ mitha: thank you mitha :) it was actually a video shoot! :p

@ chichi : hhaha yes! it is still hard and im still not used to it but i will! hehe, thank you!

@ laura: hey, big thanks!!!!

@ felix : thank you so much felix :)

@ ulrika : yes, they were such great combination!

@ aul : iya lala bohang is superb! also dmaz brodjonegoro! keren dua-duanyaaa

@ wynne : iya suksesss, tapi ini video loh bukan fotoshoot :p

@ fhenny : hahaha, iya nih aku udah bekerja. wardrobe assistant gtu fhenny :p thanks a looot!

@ karina : it WAS indeed such a crazy concept! :p

@ allysa : no biggie allysa, i like ur blog!!! :)

@ karolina : many thanks karolina!!!

@ ceka : ahhh, dont make me sadd! u'll be happy there! :)

@ sartob : makasih sartoooobbbbbbb ! ! ! !