SMILE **\\(^0^)//** ! ! !

SMILE **\\(^O^)//**

patched suede pocket de.cada.dia shirt // beige SATCAS bermuda // navy blue parachute loafer

I think it's actually my first "smile" on lookbook post
This was actually one of the photos taken during the photoshoot of de.cada.dia
I like the snapshot of my expression

So lets SMILE people, just to warm the universe :)

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

11 comment:

amanda archambault said...

Your first smile is a great smile!
I love your neutral tones!
Great post! Thanks for sharing,
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claradevi said...

I've got to hyped you for reak - can't find any color tone combo better than this. And that's a cute smile!


Fariz.Rokhanudin said...

He3....Rio Bgt!!!!!Rio Skrng Lgi Msim Celana pndek cwok tpi 3/4 Bner Ngk????????

Dana Paramita said...

smile is worship, right? :)
by the way, great look boy! nice to know you :)

H-S said...

waduh..ini posting lagi pada banyak pake shorts... bagus2 io...amazing

prince pelayo juga pake short, tp kaya boxer distro sih jatohnya...tapi yg ini bagus pas sm loafer-nya ama tas-nya juga..

ARIO ACHDA said...

@ amanda: haha, thans amanda, just followed u btw. cool blog! no guts for the best dressed though! :p

@ claradevi: biggest thanks!!! uve got a really neat blog as well!!! u and ur pastel tone!

@ fariz: ahahaha, thank you riz. oh celana chino yang di roll-up ya? iya lagi hip! :p

@ dana: thanks, dana. yes, smile is love. hehe

@ H.S: i just checked ur blog. langsung minder deh ya liat bule2 itu. hahaha. thx btw, thats not my bag! haha

Michael said...

Great job ario!

I like the color and the shirt. ☺

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Veren Lee said...

I love your navy loafers and your shirt! You look really awesome and stylish :)

mirramie said...

hollaa... hehe a bit late for ur comment but it's okay
thanks you too.
well may i add ur link to my blog list?

ARIO ACHDA said...

@ mike: oh, BIG thx buddy!

@ veren: thank u little veren :)

@ mirra: haha im sorry. just checked and found it. hey, that is really sweet. it's all up to you :)

Ari Suci Rahayu said...

nice photos
Hyped <3