A LIL' ANGEL HAS BORN: 原宿 lovers




1. one of the celestial beings upon God

2. a kind and lovable person

3. the love who watches over me

4. slang. someone who doesn't get caught

5. cute little booger nose on my shoulder

6. wings that flutter

This one of five collectible items from the old L.A.M.B fragrance is actually a souvenir from my cousin
Knowing that i speak the language, she kinda thought that i'd dig anything JAPAN or HARAJUKU *LOL*
But even if i can't use this girly-scented spray, i found it too cute to be ignored
Why not let her gets out of the drawer and taste the spotlight for this time?
Next time i'll make a story about "The Adventure of the Lil' Angel"
Lets save it for later ! ! ! (^o^)

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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Setty Lepida said...

It's soooo kawai !!! xoxo