ANDRES SULIANO: one smart A.S.(S)

 I believe that being smart is not the same with being a smartass
However this one fellow of mine seems to has both sides
Fortunately they're expressed in an art, sometimes sarcastic, tasteful ways
Starting from words, wardrobes and last but not least, works

Andres Suliano, a guy with his attitude and talent is now turning into a freelance photographer
Having some quite experiences collecting his portfolio, i have to *even if i hate to* admit, that i am rather impressed with his work, this far

Embracing sexy, rebellion, and editorial-looking nuance, here are a few of what he's done

Tempting, ain't it?
And let me say this again, starting from 2011, you can "purchase" his talent
For more details, please contact him in person by visiting his blog
leave comments or anything and let him know that you're into his work !
My best wishes for Andres Suliano, the smart A.S.(S) ! ! !
p.s: wait for my own editorial photos taken by him someday soon *LOL*
Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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i like your blog
and your style
mind to visit mine and follow me?
im following you now:)

ricardo's oswin said...

hey ario !
nice blog , keep posting , and success yaa..

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