Watching soccer game ? even on TV ? ME ? ! ?
Some people would definitely say "it's gonna be the end of the world" LOL
Yes...sports might be not my thing but when it comes to support my own country, i'll dive to the flow
It was a completely different situation that day. People were wearing red and white on the streets, National Team T-shirt were everywhere, flags, spirit as one was just too obvious to be ignored
Me and my friends did not watch the game live, we watched it at one cafe, together with lots of other excited people, still mostly, dressed in red and white
I remember feeling very emotional when our National anthem, "Indonesia Raya" was played and watching all the National Team members sang it with a very deep expression
So shortcutly, there we were, screaming and yelling and *yes, sometimes swearing* as the final AFF cup between Indonesia and Malaysia went on

There we were ! ! ! 

It was actually really adrenaline-rushing, remembering that there has been some sensitive issues between both countries
Malaysia team won the game finally...i have to admit, they were good, esp. the keeper !
And it's out of the question, we're still proud of Indonesia's National Team ! ! !
They gave their BEST shots and surely there's gotta be more to come from them, soon !
RED and WHITE SPIRIT ! ! ! ! ! !
peach of the day
"losing is pain, but it is worth the lesson"

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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