SAKURA : The Heart Of Japan

 There is nothing harder than starting a Monday after taking a long leave !
I took ten days off work and went to one of the most amazing country in the universe, Japan
Not really for a holiday actually. I went there along with 59 other members of ENJUKU theatre, where i have been volunteering for quite some times

The schedule was super tight we didn't have enough free time to really explore Japan, but it was still an absolute love madness to see Japan for real. I started learning the language exactly in 2004 in universities and ten years later i finally got the chance to go there. I must admit that it was MAGICAL !

Despite the very limited time of sightseeing, i managed to take some selfies session *teehee*
These are the selfies of me under the Sakura tree that literally took my breath away
Maybe some of you don't know that Sakura, or cherry blossom only bloom once in a year, and it lasts only for a week.
That is why it is so special, it becomes the heart of Japan, because its beauty and life philosophy is the symbol of Japanese's life

i was wearing: Daddy's diagonal stripes shirt // MONSTORE DOPE BOY tee // Pull n Bear Sweat Pants // PORTEE GOODS SHOES loafer //  
took all the photos with LENOVO VIBE X and edited with VSCO CAM *hail VSCO!*

We went to Japan to perform our musical and to deliver a song called "SAKURA YO" that is dedicated to Japan after the tsunami and earthquake catastrophe. To be able to see the magical tree was a really beautiful and emotional experience for us

Seriously, i need to go back and find a living there ! :)
Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

3 comment:

Raden Ayu/MI said...

ah sakura so beautiful :)

Wynne Prasetyo said...

JAPAN IS SO WONDERFUL! a lot of people i know are vacationing to Japan this year and their pictures are making me super jealous. yours too!!

Mitha Komala said...

cant stand your pictures anymore :p i bet you had an amazing time!!

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