Do you often hear “When in doubt, wear ... “

It is your full freedom to fill the dots with something you always feel comfortable in
I am quite fond of print and colours, but you know, sometimes it takes time for me to mix and match everything, so when in doubt, i will go for the timeless choice, Black & White

As the King and the Queen of all colours, both black and white has the certain power other colour don’t
 They are classic yet expensive at the same time. It works with almost everything, and it saves time and energy to mix and match

 To me personally, Each black and white give me a different mood.
Wearing black somehow makes me feel strong and unstoppable, yet wearing white kinda makes me feel decent, classic, almost vulnerable in a fashion way. Shortcutly, black and white are always ready to save your day

 However, as we know that there is almost nothing perfect in the universe, these colours are no different. If anything could ruin your total look, it’s a white stain on your black outfit and worse, yellow stain on your white collection of clothes.
So that’s probably why lately i’m exploring more colours and prints.  Fortunately, i have a company to drive me away from those nasty stains. With the fast forwarded innovation, REXONA comes up with the latest treat,  REXONA Invisible Dry that will protects us from white marks, yellow stains, and sweat.

Yellow stains and white marks could happen because of a certain reaction from our perspiration system and the deodorant you’re using. However, not using deodorant is also not the answer for those annoying marks
Let me share some tips :)
1.  Try to use it before you put on your clothes and wait until it is dry so it doesn’t stick to your outfit
2. Choose the deodorant which has the protection effect, which in this case, is done by REXONA Invisible Dry

These next pictures are just examples of the Black&White i pulled off

"...Everyone has two sides inside, at least i do. There are times i wanna be simple, there are times i wanna be a little bit edgy. This is my kinda edgy, still not forgeting my preppy root which has always been my true style. In an all black outfit, i feel unstoppable..."

i was wearing: 
unbranded dog print shirt // NI.KI.CIO knit pullover // unbranded harem pants // PORTEE tassel loafer
and i got my Marcella Caroline as my best accessory :)

 "...Simple doesn't have to be boring. Spice plain white shirt with a nice texture of accessories or unique piece of necklace. Or match a formal crisp white shirt with a sweat pants that has the complete opposite image, yet nicely executed. The Key is: attitude..."

i was wearing: Aigner Plain Loose White Shirt // PULL&BEAR Jogging Pants // NIKICIO knit pullover // Mannequin Plastic necklace // Sinyo Jewelries yin yang bracelet // Greed Sassy skeleton ring // Le Printemps Clutch

Thank you again Mr. Andres Suliano for taking these pictures even if i know it's a pain in your arse ! :)
By the way, as the right icing on the cake, try to share your own Black&White style competition to win prizes from REXONA! Check there website HERE or the Facebook page HERE

Are you in doubt? You should not anymore !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

8 comment:

Christine Adelina Tjhia said...

I love black and white, but when in doubt I would usually choose red :)

Lovely neckwearrr me want!

bethannyputri said...

Mwahhahaha iyooooo pull and bear ambassador..boleh juga nih *ngarep dot com diliat sama PR MAP terus ditawarin beneran* kalo kaga sale gue jg gak bakal beli. Itu top pullandbear nya di sale 50% iyooo padahal new collection mhahaha

Kevin Christian said...

You killed me literally with that printed shirt of yours!


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

I love everything black! Both looks are amazing I can't even <3

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

I love everything black! Both looks are amazing I can't even <3

fhenny said...

always love black and white outfit
and you nail them in a superb way!!
style frontier

Mitha Komala said...

love the all black and B&W look! you look ahmaaazing xx

Wynne Prasetyo said...

omg great outfits! i don't know what i'd fill that blank with. i guess when in doubt, i am truly deeply in doubt. hahahaha