This is from November of 2013, where i spent almost my entire year for this musical i was involved in

I've been telling some stories about ENJUKU, The Japanese Language based Theater Club for University Students
I was a member for two years and continue my contribution as a volunteer as a assistant coach
Surprisingly, last year was ENJUKU's fifth performance and they decided to have an alumni on stage with them
Shortcutly, that alumni is me

The play was entitled "BACK TO THE SENGOKU"
Telling a story about 3 University students in the presence time who found a door that connects them to the Sengoku period (the war period)

Started with these students and their friends are creating a cafe that resembles a certain period of Japan, Sengoku, which they named as "Sengoku Cafe", and it was done inside an old building near their university
Weirdly, there was a door inside that old building that can not be moved at all
 Carried away by their curiosity, while everyone was away, the three of them put a random spell to the door and VOILA ! The door opens
 What they didn't know, the door was some kind of time capsule that brought them back to the real Sengoku Period

There, they met one of the biggest name in Japan's ancient history, Oda Nobunaga (me), and the story begins
Started with fear, culture shock and almost killing scene, the relationship between Nobunaga and three students grows bigger as they learn about each other's period

The fact that Oda Nobunaga had to die in an unfortunate event called "The Honouji Tragedy" was an absolute thing and the three of them could not avoid it no matter what. The sad tragedy ended their period-gapped friendship

Twisted with fresh jokes, songs and dances, The members of ENJUKU performed the 2-hours musical on 2nd and 3rd November 2013 in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta

Proud to be a part of a long hard working team !
Everyone was so into it i felt very welcomed since the very first day until the very last one !

Playing as Oda Nobunaga was a huge pressure, knowing how big his name is in the history. Plus, the fact that he is a warlord scared me already, fully acknowledged that i don't have his strong and masculine qualities, but i tried my very best embracing my testosterones, growing my beard, changing my voice tone and whatever it took to fill the shoes, and here are the pictures i would love to share

After separated from stage since 2010, It was a lot of emotion mixed up
Anxiety, fear and excitement


This April, ENJUKU is going to TOKYO and KUMAMOTO to performed our last year performance 
Please wish us the best luck, i'm gonna go too !
This time as director assistant :)

To view ENJUKU Theater facebook page please click here

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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Raden Ayu/MI said...

Wow! Gambatte ne! :)


Athaya Raniah said...

Waktu itu nonton pertunjukannya dan keren banget. Pas naga mati sempet sedih:( goodluck buat yang selanjutnya!!

fhenny said...

would want to watch it next time ario !!

style frontier

Christine Adelina Tjhia said...

I think that you are successful in playin the part as Oda (nailed it). I apologize for not watching the show, heck I missed a great show I bet.

Good luck for Tokyo and Kumamoto performance director assistant!
Have fun too


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Sumpah ya aku nyesel banget ga dateng hu hu hu :(


Mitha Komala said...

it was a truly great performance by you and your friends kak Ar, i want to watch another one again! good luck for the Japan trip xx

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