Hello, people?
How's February been treating you so far?
Perhaps you are currently busy planning for a very special Valentine weekend to surprise your beloved one?
Wrapping gifts, cutting scrapbook and putting a love song compilation?
Whatever it is, i hope it's gonna be good

However, not everyone is happy with February
The strong image of February as the month of love apparently intimidate some friends i know
Some really are depressed, knowing they're just gonna spend the Valentine Day alone
Caught up in the stress led them to their lists of guilty pleasures

A friend of mine admitted, that during the stressing time, their appetite gets 10 times bigger so he eats like there's no tomorrow, the other one would spend all her money to shop because she really does believe that shopping is cheaper than going to psychiatric and she is a worshipper of Carrie Bradshaw who once stated "I like my money where i can see it, my closet!"
Another one would shamelessly stalk on his ex girlfriend's social media, trying to get as much information as he can about this girl that got away

As i got by each of their story, i was sort of amazed by how everyone has their own way of releasing stress, not in every way that they would actually prefer, that is why we call it "Guilty Pleasure"
And then i ask myself, what is my guilty pleasure?
Eating much? Yes
Shopping much? Yes
Stalking ex's social media? No
I actually have another one that i'm feeling a little shy to put down here, but urm...i do feel that one, two *or many* selfie session won't hurt anybody, will they?
 Unfortunately i don't own that flawless face to take my #selfiestory, which i can not blame God for this :)
But i DO thank God for technology that human create these days
 Been secretly doing my guilty pleasure moments with the latest technology by LENOVO S960 or the one that we might feel cooler by calling it the LENOVO VIBE X @LenovoMobileID

Tried my first selfie from #MyVibeX and i fell for it suddenly that i ended up taking LOTS of them
This Vibe X's front camera is completed with 5 MP camera plus a special feature to beautify your face, just the right one for my shameful hobby *teehee

As if the 5MP front camera is not enough for my #selfiestory, the 13 MP back camera helps me to do my another guilty pleasures, taking #ootd post for instagram ! LOL
I feel so awkward saying all this stuff but God knows it is true

I'm not gonna show you all those #selfiestrory that i took, but let me give a peek of what it's back camera can do
Took this beautiful interior of BISTRONOMY Jakarta
I leave these photos unedited !

And this is from when i played with the phone and forced my friend to take my pictures and he did !
Thank you Mr. Andres Suliano ! HUGS !

i was wearing: Plain white T-Shirt // Gallery Lafayette stripes pullover // Dad's BOSS reversible jacket // PULL n BEAR grey sweat pants // RAOUL summer shoes // thrifted bag // Happy Puppy companionship ! :)

Indeed, sometimes we do need to do things we like as long as it doesn't hurt anybody
Everyone deserves a guilty pleasure
So yes, eat like there is no tomorrow, shop until you drop, stalk anyone's instagram you want, or just like me, take as much selfie as you want
Stress is released. Checked !

 What's yours??

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

12 comment:

bethannyputri said...

Berubah kaya apa nih io? Mihihi kiblat gue lg ke korean street style nih. Banyak layering mhahahha. Baru notice lo ganti layout blog. Kece bingitsss!

MITCH said...

Guilty pleasures of mine: I take a lot of selfie yet I only like one or two of them, and I could watch K-dramas all day long 'till I forget to eat -,-
I eat a lot too when it's frustrating. Therefore, I gain weight, get real fatter and complain. LOL.

That's a cute Hush Puppies doll on your bag. Nice idea :P


Christine Adelina Tjhia said...

As someone who have been single throughout 22 years of her life, aka me. I feel no difference on 14th of February, really I just encourage people to spread the love and whatnot.

OMG eating much is not guilty pleasure its just pleasure. please.

Btw kakkk aku sendiri aaja baru pertama kali bikin dress buat diri sndiri... kalaw bikin menswear menarik sih... palink bisanya kemeja... bikin suits capek... hahahhaha

I have never been to bistronomy, I should try someday


Anita Putri said...

kk kece banget and love your new layout, :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Lol my guilty pleasure is definitely shopping. Anyway you look awesome as always kak Ario, nice jacket! xx

Iván The Trendy Surfer said...

Amazing summer shoes! súper cool.


Kristel Louisa said...

My guilty pleasure is undoubtedly shopping. Shoes shoes! Gak tahan Ariooo. Hahaha. Love your shoess Ario!


Anisacrament said...

My guilty pleasure most definitely being a binge chocolate eater lol, lovely stunning look as always!

Shopaholic said...

wow, amzzing :)

Putri Valentina said...

Beautiful place and cool shoes
My guilty pleasure is shopping and i love it :D


Ooh Jules said...

Nice outfit !

xx Julien

Mitha Komala said...

lenovo's cam stuns me at first too! anywaysss love your shoesss and the hush puppies keychain is so cute <3

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