Hello again !
How are you all doing? It's been quite a while, hasn't it?
So glad i can update my blog today after such a long pause. However, before i start i would like to say "Have a Holy Ramadhan" for all moslems, may our fasting and prayers this whole month be fruitful :)

Secondly i'd like to thank some people who kindly still support me to continue my blog from twitter, instagram comment and e-mails. I am humbled to read every single word that you wrote to me
I am inspired !
So, continuing my blog, is actually a piracy from a very beautiful blogger fellow of mine, Sonia Eryka, who celebrated her 20th birthday a few weeks ago, and kindly invited me to her cute party at her own cafe, NINOTCHKA

"1960's mod"
The invitation said so. I am actually not a huge fan of a dress code, but this time lets try to stick by the rule :p
By the way, I still can not believe that Sonia is only 20 years old. Not because she looks more mature, but watching how big she has become in such a young age is obviously amazing and overwhelming (if not intimidating)
She has lots of things going on inside her head. Yes, she is very young but she is a smart young woman who will become even bigger than now. At least that is what i believe
Meeting her in her vintage dress with roses pattern and her 60's hair-do was already a lovely scenery. In addition to that, i had a chance to actually talk with her family, and that is when i became even more impressed -and jealous- with this young lady, she's got her whole family standing behind and next to her, guiding her everywhere, everytime. I believe that's where her strength comes from...
Along the whole evening, we were chatting, eating AMAZINGLY delicious churros that Sonia's mom made, and laughing at so many random things. Minutes later, with not even one percent of alcohol, we turned ourselves into these crazy 60's creatures with wigs and taking pictures all the time
 Super stupid, but undeniably fun
Too bad Diana Rikasari, Marcella Caroline and Evita Nuh couldn't join us
Tired of reading? Here's probably what it looks like in pictures cronology :)

 First guests coming! me and DIAMONDHURTS !
 It was a lovely and normal birthday party
this !
 and this !
 aaaand THIS ! lol
 aand, normal again :)
 wearing PVOMO creme shirt by Andhika Dharmapermana // BLOOP dotted black blazer // BAM necklace by DIAMONDHURTS // ZARA pants

I even laughed again when i was posting these
And no, i am not going to hide that picture with me wearing pink hair wig !
We were having all the fun that we could've had
Thank you once again Sonia Eryka and family for inviting to such a lovely party
To Ceka (Cindy Karmoko), finally we reunite again !
To my mighty DIAMONDHURTS, for spending that day and for that super lovely necklace !

Sonia got a year more to wait for this kinda celebration
We got a new box filled with laughter and joy from the party :)
Have a great day, malfunctioned people !

p.s: All photos are courtesy of Sonia Eryka
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Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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Mitha Komala said...

looks so fun and you look rad w the pink wig kak Ario! ;p

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Christine Adelina said...

Dudeee you look awesome with the wig too!

Anonymous said...

Aww the macaroons :o *drools* sonyerica looks gorgeous with the wig! and you look fantastic btw :D


Anonymous said...

awesomeeee <3


AuL Howler said...

kayaknya seruuu

you in that red wig


Joshua Christian said...

you're all so lovely! haha

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Rafelle Amir said...

dear,Kak Ario. can you teach me or make a tutorial about cara ngedit foto ala fashion blogger.imma nubie and i adore ya! kayak difoto ini gitu a lil bit soft and ke-pink gitu.