Have you ever felt like you've been hiding all your life
Trying your best to blend in with people and camouflage?
I've been hearing this stories, and i have been there myself as well

Even before Gaga era, I do believe that some people were really born distinct, special
These people were growing up in their own world, finding interest in different things, and ended up want to be different...
People will see them different because they are  not the figure the society want them to be
Society wants every single person in this whole world to be in the same lane with everybody else
Society pushes them (or i should say "us" cos i include myself as a distinct person) to be ordinary
Society feeds us the wrong food, trying to make us feel insecure and scared, while it is them who is threatened. Not us
How is it being different make us a sinner? How is it being different make us wrong?
Next thing i know, society will shove us and accuse us hiding under personal justification
That we have betrayed what was written for our destiny and God
And i myself is sick of this
I just turned twentysix recently
I am not into hiding no more
Disgrace me for who i am...not embrace me for who i'm not
And this is my last camouflage !
I was wearing: DIGNITY camouflage sweater // TOPMAN swallow skinny tie // Dad's oversized olive jacket // thrifted chinos

Lets not camouflage anymore, people...
Blend out and stand out !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

3 comment:

Rizuna Swon said...

eherm, I always get my attention stuck in fishes every time I visit a blog that has fishes on it. Like yours. I love feeding your fishes below. Hope they are all full and not die in starve *out of topic*

Mitha Komala said...

preachhh! well said kak Ario. i always love what you wrote on your posts. keep shining cause you alrd are xx

Letters To Juliet

Quan said...

yes. I agree. We are all born original. And we all have that thing, that talent that makes us special. Don't blend in! Even though camo is always a good sartorial choice. And yes, no complaining, we are so lucky to even be alive and get the chance to wear clothes and blog about it.