Summer Of Love
I have to write an article with such theme for this upcoming event from Kuningan City called "Passion for Fashion" that will presents the currently famous  fashion photographer, Mr. Todd Tyler, who you might be familiar from the Asia's Next Top Model judging panel. Mr. Tyler is now doing his road show and this time he is stopping by in Jakarta, Indonesia

Together with him, there will be five Indonesian fashion bloggers including myself who will present the look that we create, wearing the collection from the latest concept store in Kuningan City called MEZZO
Last Saturday i went there to create my own version of "Summer Of Love"

When i was strolling around the store, i found a painting of a Japanese school girl with the typical sailor school uniform, which somehow, threw me back to my childhood time when i spent the whole school holiday to read Japanese comic books. Years later, when i finally decided to study Japanese as my major in university, i learned a lot about Japan. The culture, the tradition, the education system and of course the seasons and what they do in each season. I remember there is one text about summer in Japan that appeared exactly the same with those comic books i read and i  also heard the same thing from my native Japanese Sensei who once told me about how children spent their childhood in summer

Years ago, in a small village of Japan, quite afar from its modernity, there was this blue river in the heart of the village. Japan's summer is extremely hot, humid, and dry. During the summer, that river became children's giant bath tub where all the kids were playing, splashing water to each other, while some other would run by the river playing ball game or kite. They would laugh effortlessly as if they live for that day only. By the afternoon, children will catch summer bugs and beetles, put it in a jar and brought it home, and when the dawn comes, it's a family time. The whole family gathered in their small living room, with the canvas door wide open and it connected the living room to the garden. They would eat fruits. Watermelon is their favorite for summer, and they ate it with a little sprinkle of salt, to bring a juicier flavor

Under the moonlight. fireflies were flying around in groups, brought a light which beauty is not unbeatable by any kind of electric lights. Kids would play fireworks in the garden, maybe with their grandfather, grown-ups will swap stories or putting on Yukata, Japan's summer kimono, and go to summer festivals or watch the full moon, and it went on for the whole summer...

I enjoyed listening to every word my Sensei told me, i am even enjoying writing it now and imagining the whole scenery of that one particular time as well. It gives me a little butterfly and warmth
When i saw the Japanese School Girl's painting, it kinda stopped me and made me smile. It inspired the look i created

 Japan . Summer . Fruits . Love

i was wearing: // Y-3 striped red t-shirt // SuperDry green jacket // Porsche Design white shorts // SLVR mustard-navy sweatshirt // WAKAI leather sling bag // WAKAI boat shoes // KOMONO sunglasses //
all are available in MEZZO, Kuningan City

Thank you Mister Welly, the Marcomm from Kuningan City who not only kindly lent me his straw hat and camera but also took my pictures and mailed them to me :)

Last but not least, i would like to invite you all to come to Kuningan City on Wednesday at 14.00 o'clock to see me, and the other four fashion bloggers (i only know that two of them are Bethanny Putri and Sabila Anata) talk about summer look, and of course, you will meet Mister Todd Tyler, who will likely bring the whole summer to the stage, i suppose ! Don't believe me? Here it is!

p.s: We have "summer" almost 365 days !  make sure you always wash your face twice a day ! If you have an oily skin like i do, prepare oil sheets to reduce the shiny-ness of your face and put on a mineral spray to freshen up! Applying a moisturizer won't harm as well :) 

See you on Wednesday !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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Mitha Komala said...

cute tshirt and bag! good luck on the talk show kak :) xx

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Rio Rahmansyah said...

I'm back!

Gricia (Cia) said...

ihh ario unyu banget outfitnya ;)

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Nice look, Ariooo >.<