You might know a story, but you never know what lies beneath "the end"

It was the title of an article i wrote for AMICA May 2013 edition
If you follow my instagram, @arioachda (which is regularly updated unlike this poor blog of mine), probably you remember that i posted a Behind The Scene picture of me in my baby blue blazer, full floral printed shirt, sky blue carrot pants, and brown loafer, standing so cockily side by side with piles of Louis Vuitton trunks
The photoshoot was for the sake of this feature in AMICA Magazine
They invited fashion journalist and fashion bloggers to write anything about the LV trunk
I couldn't be more flattered and honored, knowing that i'd be sharing the feature with Cindy DIAMONDHURTS, Diana Rikasari, and the mighty Syahmedi Dean

They asked us to write in 500 words, which i, being the jabbering person that i am, ended up with 670 words instead. My take-on to this writing is a very fictional short story, about me, time machine, and another world called Neverland where all the fairytale creatures live. There, is where i have a small business to deal with...CINDERELLA!
Our dear Cinderella is having a panick attack due to the upcoming party and she doesn't know what to wear, so The Fairy Godmother sent me there to actually assist her choosing the right attire...

Please do grab AMICA INDONESIA this May edition to find out what happened to me and Cinderella in the neverland !
Despite that i quite dislike how i look like in this picture, but i'm quite proud of the whole deal
AMICA, Louis Vuitton, Three other inspiring people, and i contribute an article !

Thank you Mrs. Miranti, the Editor In Chief of AMICA for being such a lovely person
This was the most interesting feature i've ever had 

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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