It does feel good to actually write and share something again here after so long
Just so you know, my father took my camera and not giving it back to me for a long year, which means, i am not gonna be a frequent writer in my very own blog

By the way, i just came back from a short trip to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. A cousin of mine was getting married so i  went to Yogya to attend the wedding ceremony
Honestly, when i knew i was going there, the wedding was not on top of my list. I was just excited because i could meet a very dear friend of mine, Clara Devi, who's been a really good friend these past years.

We managed to have quite a nice date
She was pissed off because she wasn't dressing up that day that she had to buy new clothes to have a more proper and appropriate looking date. Meanwhile, i was pissed off because she brought along her camera but leaving her memory card at home! *GRRRRR*
So then we just used her phone :-p

Time went by so quickly when we were together, just because we hadn't met for so long and we had a LOT to swap. I am so looking forward to meet her again because there's a chance that she might be coming to the capital in the near time !

this last one was taken when we had lunch befoer i got my big afro cut for the sake of the wedding :p

 i was wearing : baby blue polka dot shirt and baby blue blazer - both were bought from Ambassador // SATCAS short chinos // IL PRIMO brogue lace up // SKAGEN watch // assorted rings

Thank you so much Claire for the best time i had in Yogya!
Also for the uber uber fun Dimas and Aji, the coolest hipsters i can ever find in Yogya
We need another round of cosmopolitan! LOL

Much love and hugs !

p.s: i am now more occupied with my instagram, please do check "arioachda" for more updates :)

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

5 comment:

Regina Nalasetya said...

Wohoo! Finally updated! Been waiting for pretty long time. :D

I love every single picture! Love your expressions *Claire's either*! wish I could join you two one day.. :)


mualliffachrozi said...

wahhh sudah liat foto2 ini di instagramnya kaka dan instagrmanya ka clara...
ka kalau punya waktu luang jalan2 ya ke blog saya, dan berharap kaka mau followback blog saya, heheee:))
senang berkenalan, dan selalu mantengin terus style2 kaka yang selanjutnya, hehee:))


Andudei Hardyanta said...

so happy you finally write again, it's okay about the period, your fans will always wait, hahahaha..

seem that both you and Clara had a great quality time, hadn't you. There's nothing I can't love from your outfit Kak Ario, nice blazer and I love the piece of sweet patterned handkerchief on your pocket. And your shoes are beautiful too.

Danny Suyandi said...

so in love with the shots!


AuL Howler said...

loving the vintage atmosphere