Ladies and gentlemen, have u gotten married and have kids? 'cos it feels like forever since the last post
I feel like i have lost the mood to actually maintain my blog because i feel that my blog is ugly
Would love to take it to an upper level but still not knowing how to due to my lack of knowledge of html and technology :D
Another reason why i almost do not want to touch my blog again is because i feel uninspiring. I gained a lot of weight that i barely feel good getting myself photographed. Well i guess everyone has their own self esteem issues every now and then, right?

Anyhow, there are some certain people who keep supporting me on twitter and e-mails, pushing me to keep updating my blog and i really feel honored that there really are some people who read my blog
Therefore, i'm pushing my limit and decided to leave the curves and flaunt it instead. I'm coming clean *of course photos are still edited :p. I won't come THAT clean* . teehee

So after awhile, i now come with a little surprise...i'm officially CURLY ! 
Yes, ever since the 2013 NYE that was the first thing that came up to me. Curly hair
Been only a week, and i have never felt this ghetto ! :)

i was wearing: Ray Ban sunnies // PVOMO shirt // MODIFY washed-sleeve-denim jacket 
the black dreamcathcer is a sweet gift from Cindy Karmoko :)

My curls have twirled my life a bit :)
I hope you've been going through dazzling things as well!
Ow, and now im also on instagram :p please check

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

10 comment:

dwiki cahya ramadhan said...

Great look !! love your denim jacket ka ario,awesom


aaaakkkk makin keren aja kak!
Rambut barunya kerenn <3<3

Andudei Hardyanta said...

you always cool, and now you're cooler with your new haircut. You are inspiring, do not stop blogging cause there are so many readers who always wait for your amazing post.

you'll always be missed, brother. :)
hey I love your top!

iBhuLiCioUs said...

Finally ... u've ended ur hiatus .... OMG that denim jacket, U ARE A TOTAL SWAG .. me loveeeyy ~ btw, so happy that u're on IG now, so much easier for ur reader to check ur latest post or look ... keep inspring people with ur writing kaakk !

iBhuLiCioUs said...

Finally , u've ended ur hiatus ... OMG that denim jacket made u a TOTAL SWAGGER, me loveeeeyy ! And glad that u're on IG now (followed ✔) ... it''ll be easier for ur reader to know ur latest post or look ... keep up the good work kak, keep inspiring through ur writing :) ~

anasgch said...

di-curly kak? Wohoww~~ look nice on you..btw ya kak, i've been feeling the same..D: but well, i'm still searching for the inspiration. If he doesn't want to come to me, i think i will search for him instead..hahah..

Goodluck kak..:)


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Kakkk you look super chic with that hairstyle! So great to hear that you've come back, you still look as fine as ever kok ;D

lalita setiandi said...

SWAG! U look awesome and handsome <3
U don't look like u Gained weight at all, io. :D

Regina Nalasetya said...

Great decision to back to writing! Been a big fan of your pics and style, Ario. ~×o×o

Cindy Karmoko said...

oh ario baby you're still super gorg and fabulous. i feel youuuuuu i gain 6 kg and i feel ugly and fat, i used to be the class "sample" model but now i can't even fit the dress that i sew, :( stay strong chooo diva! and btw your blog is amazing and i want to ask you a lot of questions about the header etc, so... if you feel that your blog is ugly please swap it with mine :*(

keep posting and we should took a lot of pics together this summer okay! miss you much xo

the person who always admire you and your amazing style no matter what

-the hippiegonemad girl-