SOE.HOE | NO'OM | NO'MI  is back again with their  2012 FW collection, "SKY+EARTH"
Continuing their consistency since the previous collections, SKY+EARTH presents simplicity yet fashion forward dominated in monochromatic scheme

SKY+EARTH portraits a life in a big city with all  the cosmopolitan aspects that shows a though side of humankind. The men's collection are dominated with blazer and shirt with extra harness, biker jacket with zipper accent and unisex cutting pants. Long coat with light fabric is also an option they offer to pull the edge in Jakarta's weather. The women's collection are still inspired and derived from the men's wear, with a sexy and iconic twist, of course

To me personally, after the spiked shirt and coat they presented last year, this harness' collection is the highlight of SKY+EARTH
With a supreme tailoring, they keep on delivering the elegance with a twist of smooth raciness and edge

Soetjipto Hoeijaja, the creative director of SOE.HOE | NO'OM | NO'MI stated "SKY+EARTH is not reflecting two things in contrast. It shows how two different things compliment each other in life, instead..."
Simple yet strong, bold yet soft, racy yet glamour...SKY+EARTH, when there is no longer gap between them

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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kelimutu said...

So glad that I finally found this blog again. fiuh.. (=
great collection btw. And I love the story behind their collection name. Does the designer is from Indonesia?