I just got back from a small getaway with my whole family to Highland *here we call it puncak* where all my five nephews and one niece got together and turned themselves to be those little rascals :)
What a closure getaway !

Anyhow, this post is most likely going to be the last post in 2012. Looking back through the whole year behind, i will wrap it up in grateful attitude. After breathing some fresh air and spending time with my family who i'm not actually really close to, i guess i am lucky to have what i do...
Nothing is perfect and no one either. I believe perfection is a never ending illusion
It should not haunt us, it should motivate us to pursue anything we want in life

These previous months, i was being overwhelmed by things that happened to my surroundings
All of my best friends seem to be in their happiest place. The little thing that i know, i wasn't genuinely happy
I kept thinking that i am left way behind and the more i tried to catch things up the further i get left
...Funny? That's how my self esteem really is...but then again, i was thinking about it quite abusively, and i come up with a conclusion that might soothes me up, about what the definition of self-sufficiency is, about what makes us happy and what does not
 Are those things that make someone else happy are the same thing we need to be happy? Not really, isn't it? So i guess, even if we're in a different circumstances, we all still can be really happy in our own way...

If you feel like you're happy now, lets be grateful for what we have, for what we've been through, for they have made us the persons we are today. 2012 is almost ends, lets welcome 2013 with positive attitude !
A true happiness is supposed to be attained with no reason
*do i sound like Diana Rikasari already?* hihihi, kudos to diana for always staying positive, i can always just try! 

By the way, here are the photos i managed to have during the holiday
I like the villa so much. It's classic with wooden floor, floral wall paper, white windows, brass lamp and stuffs, remind me so much of my favorite vintage girl, Clara Devi :)

 i was wearing: //NEW LOOK sweater which  i wore the other way around // (X)S.M.L jodhpur pants // PEDRO loafer //

Have a happy holiday and happy new year ! 

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

4 comment:

putri soe said...

i love the pic where you sit on the big couch! like a boss B-)

cheers from Jakarta,
Putri Soe

anasgch said...

Wallpaper-nyaaa...cantik banget..:D
seems you have a good time with the family..and btw, happy new year ya kak! :D


Herdiana Surachman said...

Keep up the good work Ario, sama-sama kita menyongsong tahun 2013 dengan penuh keyakinan dan kepercayaan diri *sodorin M150* lmao

Christine Adelina said...

Awesome spot... Me like that wallpaperrr...