This is a really happy-go-lucky kinda post
I'm currently in Yogyakarta right now after my brother's wedding  that was held  in Kertosono, East Java
Was supposed to be there until Wednesday but i got bored to death that i randomly decided to go to Yogyakarta with my sister :p
Been eating this and that ever since i got out of Jakarta and will be back to my previous eating timeline when i'm back in town. For now, i just want to enjoy Yogya. Will be heading to museums and Beringharjo market tomorrow. As for now, i just want to share this brand of Helmy Hazairin (@Qumieee), which i'm sure most of you Indonesians have acknowledged of


After playing with lots of delicious Navajo prints, which the designer, Qumie himself really fond of, MODIFY  SS 2012 collection is coming with a different appealing way
Colors, Flowers, and Patchwork with some unique cutting details
MODIFY really challenges men to step aside out of the usual shirt most men always wear
Me? I took the challenged already with the floral ones :)

 These are all my favorite pieces, yet there are more to see and to order
To view more, please do click HERE

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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so colorful! super love these local brands <3
(model cowoknya cute yaa hiihi)


Tara said...

Love the new collection of Modify and i bought rainbow shirt. Hmmmm i really want to try that floral shirt but i'm still not confident wearing that. I think if you wearing that, you'll be superbbbbb cool :)

Anonymous said...

great collection!
wanna follow each other on blog? lemme know :)

sweet and sugars,

TES said...


Thanks for comment my blog. You have a very good one, really, if u dont mind im gonna follow!

Invite u to follow each other here and in a lookboolk, a hug,

Mitha Komala said...

omg i love the collections! the lookbook is so rad (; i can totally see arnold wearing all those awesome shirts ;p

Letters To Juliet

Eva Silviana said...

Whoa I'm loving all the man collection! Simple yet gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!! x

crunchy cheese me