Pros and cons
 I bet every single human in this world is familiar with the words
Everything, from the huge to the tiny bitty ones must have it's own pros and cons, including us. We're practically breathing with them, sleeping with them, living with them

For some people, being in their own skin is a difficult thing, even when they're not even trying to be bold
Having said that, it is a concern to me that in lots of cases *analyzed from my very own circle of friendship's tale*, it often causes negativity, leads to a degradation of one's self esteem, which is a fatal reaction from a quite simple case. Frankly speaking, i have the same problem, maybe you do too
It is somehow irritating when people judge us from one point of view without even knowing who we are, what we have and what we possibly can do. At some point, it get hurts just by thinking of how people against us

Time went by, and boy, i've grown up a little bit more and more. There are many things to learn along the way. There are many stones to stumble until we come to a place where we know who we are, we accept who we are, and then we love who we are. Those cons are still coming but without i even noticed, i handled it in a better way. More importantly, i've managed to do it in my own skin

This is the thing that i always try to implant to my brain

"Some people might not like us, but remember, there will ALWAYS be good people around us"

By the way, speaking of good people, this hectic week has been colorized with some ups and downs. Won't share the gloomy things cos they are simply uninspiring, but the happy thing about this week is i get a couple of surprises (from of course, good people around me) and i'm too excited to left them unshared here ! ! !

First, do you still remember what i wore on the runway of LOOKBOOK NIGHT? I wore an Indian Warbonet and a dreamcatcher from one of the independent brand who joined the Spot A Vendre, Ancient Greek by one of the sweetest couple i'd ever known, Winda Tantojo (@WindaTantojo) and Anwar Chad (@AnwarChad). Been loving their brand since the first met. I'm not a really bohemian kinda guy but there is always something catchy about dream catcher and Indian, right? And guess what, they sent me one of their dreamcatcher! I dunno where to put it. Wanted to wear it as a necklace but i'm afraid it's too big but then again it's too cool just to be hung, but then again...but then again...but then again...aaarrgghh!!!! Just check it yourselves, please!

 "hope you like it, kak Ario :)" <--- ARE YOU KIDDING ME? i LOVE it ! ! ! 
a little spontaneous mix n match. hung on the wall or neck? >.<
 And one more fierceness came from one of my favorite local jewelries line, EN GARDE ARTILERRIES! (@EnGardeARTLLRS) by Narya Abhimata. Me and Amril, my best mate have been fanning the masculine jewelries since the first debut and Mister Abhi kindly sent us this super fierce three-headed wolf ring to us, sent via the coolest messenger ever, Rama Dauhan from Danjyo Hiyoji during the LOOKBOOK NIGHT *double jaw-drop*! It is supposed to fit for three fingers but for me and Amril, we put all four fingers! LOL

what a high state of coolness ! ! ! 

Seriously, thank you so much Ancient Greek and En Garde Artilleries, out of all the blues that happened, you are a bit of fresh air! ! Please keep creating your magic! Stay sweet and fierce ! ! ! ! ! ! 

Random ps: I just wanna give my warmest and biggest hugs to my best mate, Amril Ardi for his new babyborn nephew!!!!

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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ChiChi81 said...

That was so sweet of the couple to send you this dreamcatcher necklace, it truly does deserve more than just be hanged, it needs to be displayed for the world to see :) And yeah, I truly understand what you're trying to express on the first part of your post... To me, I just ignore these "negative" elements, for as long as I'm happy, I'm not stepping on anyone's toes with my happiness, then those so-called friends can all can go eff themselves :)


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michelle_ said...

loooveeeeeee that dream catcher !!!!
should wear it with your dayak headpiece gahahahah


Tara said...

woahhhhh superbbb cool Dream Catcher necklace by Ancient Greek. I wore their dream catcher necklace too for my photoshoot :)

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

i love that cardigan ario... beli dimana? hehehehe

Hei Echa!

olie said...

superb ring!!

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