Back on the LOOKBOOK night, beside showcasing creations from seven independent designers, there were also another brands that we showed. It was none other than SWANK by Salvi Arzharael
For now, I'd like to introduce more of this kinky line that somehow intrigued me
Salvi took a very interesting background story and inspiration for the SWANK's very first collection
Combining such contrast between the roughness of Russian military with a very delicate side from Russian ballet dancers, Salvi said that the theme is called "ZHERTVA" or "Victim"
As gloomy as its theme, this mini collection of SWANK is currently embracing dark, mysterious, with a twist of sado-masochist kind of nuance, straightly directed to people with strong, fearless and unexpected character     

"Some love stories have blood on them"
This is (some of) SWANK by Salvi

And please check the very cool video of  SWANK by Frisco Ramadhan

please forgive that i posted a small dimension-ed video. i have a problem with youtube embed code so this is all i can post :(

Personally, i have to be honest that i don't think i might (or could) wear any of this super edgy attire, unless for a very exceptional occasion, but i do like the way Salvi brought the bitterness and the sweetness altogether as one. SWANK certainly does have the swag !!!

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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Anonymous said...

Hello…your blog is really nice!


Nixie Pyrena said...

woot woot what a great collection !
perasaan doank apa ya kok model cowonya kyk gambar 3d yaa ! hahaha :P

have a nice day !
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ChiChi81 said...

I don't think I can indulge in their creations on a daily basis, but when the time calls for something edgy (and if I lived in Indonesia lol) I would definitely make a beeline towards SWANK. Gosh the music in the video kinda scared me but it is so fitting for the clothes being featured!


A Single Girl's Musings


Goo Salvi! you should wear it, kereeeen pasti! ;)

Cliff said...

seriously i want the first white shirt! :D


Cindy Karmoko said...

you should wear em arioooo. i miss youuu amril olin and claire so so much... i met a lot of fashionable people here i was like the most unfashionable one my university cafeteria was like a catwalk and you'll fit in right away if you wear that ribcage blazer, too much to type (i'll bbm you later) cento baci da milano per te e amril...


Anya Sinta said...

great collection! love the vid! :)

Belvin said...

woow nicee superbb!