IT IS DONE ! ! ! !
Finally, the first official event of LOOKBOOK JAKARTA is over
Held just last Thursday, September 29th 2011 at Canteen Plaza Indonesia, it was really a stressing yet lots of fun day. Lack of time and preparation always led us to a certain state of craziness, but we were happy to see that LOTS (the capital ain't there for nothing) of crowd were coming and met some very supportive friends and new people that we probably might have seen on screen or completely fresh

This post is going to be a long one, but i'd like to start it by sharing the photos of the creations from the seven independent designers, brought on stage by 14 NON-models from LOOKBOOK JAKARTA

 Amril Ardi // Kay Mori // JOSE by Joshua Septhio
 Freddy Richie // Febri Dwi Suseno // DNSR homme by Clarice
 Melody Marvelly // Gracia Stefani // COCCAYIEN by Tito Van
 Marcella Caroline // Adelle Veronica // JEIDY by Angela Jessica Hadi
 Klaudia Scholastica // Jesslyn Patricia // THE RUE by Sara Sofyan and Savira Lavinia
 Jensen Sanjaya // Stella Julian // NOONIO by Mutiara Sitompul
Ario Achda (me!!!) :p // Yudhie Ramaddhan Soekotjo // HANDGEMAAKT by Zico Halim 

To me personally, the evening was a really big night because it was the first time we created an event like this, bringing a community that most people might have no idea about, inviting settled figures from entertainment and fashion industry, plus presenting our totally non-model figure to the stage. It was risky and overwhelming in some way but i'm thankful for what happened 
After the night was over i have a very long thank you list. It might bores you but i need to write it down

  1. Canteen Plaza Indonesia, Rated-a, Flail and Crook, Elle Magazine, and Men's Folio Indonesia for supporting the event
  2. The inspiring hosts of the night, Dana Maulana , Rama Dauhan, Yoland Handoko, Michael Cools, Heidy Kalalo, Sonia Eryka, Mario Ginanjar, Rinni and Erich Al Amin
  3. the seven designers with their brilliant creations esp. Zico Halim 
  4. Winda Tantojo from Ancient Greek and Maharani Nuh, for lending us the Indian warbonets
  5. The MUA team, Lizzi Parra and friends who created superb pale look on us!
  6. The photobooth decorator team for installing a super cute photo corner!
  7. The medias who kindly came to view the gig
  8. My blogger fellows, Chekka CuomovaBethanny Putri, Luthfi Darwis, Arnold Teja, Caroline Robianto, Anaz Siantar and esp. Haliman Singgih who came from Bandung and the best Clara Devi for coming ALL THE WAY from Jogja just for me -that's what she said- *trillion hugs*
  9. DJ NINE and DJ RORO for creatively composing the ambiance as we expected
  10. Volunteers who helped us A LOT ! Adhi, Momon, Dessy, Nasya, Nesya and Nico 
  11. Team LOOKBOOK JAKARTA, esp. Yudhie Ramddhan for working your a** off real hard
  12. And to all the fashionable crowd ! You are all the living proof that karma filter are just numbers ! ! !       

thank you so much for being a huge contribution of the night! 
On the other hand, despite of the hype vibe of the night that i truly felt, i do have to admit that the gig was far from perfection. I, on behalf of my team would like to apologize deeply to every single inconvenience or offensive things that might appeared to you. For every misunderstanding, misconception or misinterpretation that you might have thought toward the whole show. LOOKBOOK Night could have been better, and surely will be better. We really hope that there will be more of this in the future and please still be a hype part of it!

Last but not least, here are some other photos after the fashion marathon !!!

 Kay Mori // Andres Suliano // Jensen Sanjaya // SWANK by Salvi . KINKY ! ! ! ^o^
 The Door Bitches
 superb volunteers!
 Asmara Abigail and friend 
 Amril Ardi // Haliman Singgih // Febri Dwi // Putra Pratama // Febri Dwi (again) // Luthfi Darwis
 Tito Van and Clarice acting silly
 Me and some new cool friends ! ! !
  BLOGGER FELLOWS! Marcella Caroline, Arnold Teja, Clara Devi, me, Anaz Siantar, Caroline Robianto. How can i not love them?
 These were us wearing Flail n Crook T shirt ! More of FnC on the upcoming post!

ps: Thank you to everyone who has the courtesy of these pictures. Yurie Simanjuntak, Anaz Siantar, Wening Tresnany, and Febri Dwi Suseno. You saved my blog!

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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claradevi said...

Yayyy my favorite ario achda! Finally updated his lovable blog.
You were gorgeous that night, boy, I was happy I made it on time there since my flight got delayed for one hour... Traffic had been nice!
It was such a fun crowd, and inspiring, which was sadly ran too fast and too short! I believe the people would love to stay longer.
Thank you for the invitation Ario, that worth the time, and hope to see you again soon. me love ya!

Wening Tresnany Sheyza said...

woaaaaaaaaa lovely pic,ario!!
yihiiiii adain lagi yah tahun depan acaranya ;)

AndilineThea said...

such a good event kak!
good job :D

ChiChi81 said...

Whoa, that was such a fab event, and a success at that! And woots, you took the runway, love it! Great Navajo-look there, sweetie! All these designers are really very talented, they have a very promising future in the fashion industry. And the make-up is just phenomenal, kudos to the team behind it as well.


A Single Girl's Musings

Anastasia Siantar said...

Super glad to meet you at the event!! and I'm looking forward to meet you again! ;)
Anyway, thank you for the invitation, Ario! it was really worth the time to come!!


ebi said...

aaa sesuatu bangetttssss !!!

Belvin said...

wow look so nice event :)


Anonymous said...

acaranya keren bgt arioo...and you are look amazing!!

Nixie Pyrena said...

love all the pics ! look so fun :)
ini event taunan ya ??

The Endless Wishlist

AuL Howler said...

Toowhit Toowhooo....!

Ikut senang acaranya sukses.
congrats bang Aryo!
Your rock!


yeaaaaay! proud to be us! we made it dear :* <3

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

Great events but sadly I couldn't come :( Want to come next time !


Ari Suci Rahayu said...

You look gorgeous, Ario :)
and amazing event


Anya Sinta said...

awesome event kak! :)

Jelisaveta said...

Beautiful photos! :)


ARIO ACHDA said...

thank you guys so much! it was a great day and night! :)