TIK TIK TIK: big lesson

Many ones said that most Indonesian youth spend their time and interest to foreign culture more than their own heritage. When i heard such statement, i couldn't say that it was wrong, because it simply is not, and to think deeper about it, it is kinda sad, isn't it?
Lately, we (Indonesia) have been having some of our very own traditional art and legacy being claimed by other countries, and it intrigued a very sensitive issues between the countries themselves, and of course, the people. We are angry, most cursed those countries via anything, from facebook status update, twitter, to a big demonstration, but did we do anything that is truly necessary? we should preserve and protect them by understanding them a little bit deeper

Such mission is carried by many designers and stores, one of them is TIKshirt, a brand by Iwet Ramadhan that try to bring traditional batik in a more modern and youthful way, located at Level One, Grand Indonesia. Started from an idealist project, TIKshirt has just reached its first anniversary, and to celebrate such occasion, TIKshirt held a very lovely event, colaborating with "Mbatik Yuuk" community, they invited some Indonesian urban youngsters (including me, perharps? >.<) to embrace a little of one of Indonesia's best creation, batik. They taught us to do batik on a hankerchief, and let me tell you people, it was VERY VERY VERY difficult ! ! ! I've seen it a lot on TV and i never tought that it's that hard

i bring along a very fierce friend that day, Cindy Karmoko! LOL
and appearantly she's (Cindy Karmoko) is an expertise! pissed me off to see how good she was! -___-"
the brilliant Evita Nuh was caught in excitement and concentration
shamelessly showing off my "avant garde" *sigh*
With Iwet Ramadhan
 Thanks to Rani, Evita's big sister for the photo!

Now i understand why hand made batik are very pricey, it is the HARD WORK behind the process, the spirit and the soul that they poured in into the a simple fabric that they turn into a very beautiful and expensive one

Salute ! Don't ever let anyone claim what we have again ! ! !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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HS said...

cie ciee, besok besok bikin batik sendiri, batik malfunction ala ario, hahahaha #apasih


J said...

looks so fun ! :)

Journal J

Cindy Karmoko said...

arioo punyaku masi brantakan banget gitu >.< thank you udah d ajak ya!!


dunia kecil indi said...

well, i love indonesia anyway :D i proud to be indonesian. btw, itu ada chaca ya? tinggi amat *mendadak minder*

Trip said...

nice moment uncle (:

Henny Vitri said...

I saw you that day! :D

Fariz.Rokhanudin said...

Sulit ya mbatik tu....salut bt fashion blogger yg ikt mabtik sumbangin ide kalian biar mncul karya2 batik yg keren,batik lu mna yo'????

Pramudita Puspita said...

hello! nice blog! mind to follow each other? I'll follow u back then :)

Henny Vitri said...

ngga kok, cuma liat pas di food louver :D
thank you for the nice comments!! :)

fhenny said...

ah it looks so fun! :D
looks like a great day indeed
btw i really love your outfit in the rip post below
hope we can meet the next time i stop by jakarta yaaaa!!


Ikmal Arif Azami said...

hello ario!! thanks to commenting on my post!! and now i know u are the good fashion blogger too!! your style just inspiring!! here i would say that im so jealous because u meet with EVITA NUH!!!!! hehheh