Lets start this post with a super stupid question
"Do you know youtube?" *silly, ain;t it?*
I am actually not the kinda person who browse youtube for hours but when i find the "it" video, i tend to be overwhelmed...and so i have become a fan of this person i am about to write about
Mister CLAYTON HAWKINS or you might search him on youtube as "Clayton Clayton"

Singing some superstar's hit numbers mostly lead you as an uncreative impersonator
If it sounds too harsh, maybe we can just call it as "lousy cover version", but Clayton has his own style, not only in his bang-his-lungs-out-way of singing, but his attire as well and THAT'S what i want to show on this post
Gifted with one hell beautifully unique look, Clayton Hawkins pulled off, even the nastiest "diva" kinda look ! ! ! 
See them yourselves, please...

Here are some of his crazy witty shots

i am currently choosing my five favorite rendition video of him
THAT should be for the next post ! ! !

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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Anonymous said...

love these pictures !:)