PART 4+ DONE ! ! !

Another great time at the Blogger Yard Sale part 4+ last Friday, Jan, 28th 2011
I had fun, chit-chatting with the other SIXTEEN bloggers, cyber acquaintances who finally i met in person, and of course, some good friends...
It was actually two days-gig but i could only come on the first day :(
Something with "PLUS" is ALWAYS GOOD !
Thank you for all the visitors, shoppers, mazee team, bloggers and everyone !
You make "blogging" so much fun ! ! !

Here are LOTS of photos

first, of course, the guh-reat 16 other bloggers !

Clock-time wise: Marcella Caroline, Chekka Cuomova, Diana Rikasari, Fifi Alvianto

Cindy Biantoro, Bethanny Putri, Diana Caitilin, Sabila Anata
Gurinka Cloud, Sonia Eryka, Heidy Kalalo + Carl, Shila Ghaisani
Lalita Tian, June Paski, Jezmine Blossom *the PLUS blogger*, Michelle Koesnadi
 me and fellows


met some acquaintances ! ! !

- Me with Kumiko-san and friends - Me and Zaheera *regular buyer two months in a row! :p* - Me and Uchie from A Ribbon Polka Stethoscope - Me with the cutie b-day girl Nadia from La Comedienne and friend *D'OH i forgot her name >.<* -

Some visitors were really easy in the eyes! i should have taken some more!

super cute right ?!

Cindy Biantoro gave me this leave-pendant necklace for FREE ! ! ! darn, she literally ROCKS ! ! !

LOVE THIS ! will totally wear it oftenly ! she made this herself !
and last is THE BLOGGERS ! ! !

these people are aw-aw-awesome !

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

17 comment:

michellehendra said...

damn it i couldn't come :"( i was grounded gorgeous. dang dang dang :"( :"( i begged to come, but no was the answer from my dad.. :"(

you look great!!!! everyone is!


Anonymous said...

wahahahaha bloggers yard sale was soooo fun!!! ga brasa uda slesai
it was so nice to meet you, yo!
gw jadi inget salam cenatcenut lage nwahahaha

michelle_ said...

di last 2 photo.putri keknya uda bete banget mukanya...wwkwkkwkw

chie suci utami apsari said...

hahay,i got linked
thank you
and thank you too for being so welcome to me

since i met you,i realized how a genius male blogger you are

salam kenal!!:)

Ario Achda said...

@ michelle: aarrgghh, too bad, i missed u, u know??? u must be a bad girl that u'r grounded! hahaha. see you some other time, cutie!

@ lalita: mwahahaha, makanya kl mau ngomongin orang liat2 situasi was really fun meeting you too! i had a crush on ur kandura necklace! :p

@ michelle: ahahaha, iya, bad quality photos semua nih! tunggu yang lain trus grab sana/i! :) lovin u on slippers, michelle!

@ uchie: waaaa, those words are too much uchie! *blush* lets meet again some other time!!! thanks for purchasing anyway :)

Zahira said...

LOL regular buyer :D my sister totally loved the yellow shirt I bought.

o yeah, so the picture was photographed by Ajie (just doing a favor :P )

thank you kak ario! :D

Silmi Sabila said...

The event was Uber Kewl! You guys should do this more often.

t a l i s h a said...

what a stylish squad :) so happy to see the pics of some of my favorite personalities in the blogosphere..

J said...

love the pendant. and your blog too:)

Journal J

Ario Achda said...

@ silmi: thanks silmi!!! anticipate for some more! :)

@ talisha: yea, i was excited too to get to see those awesome ladies! haha

@ J: aaww, that's really nice of you, J. thank you :)

Diana caitilin said...

woaaa nice to meet you.well g kek monyet d fto itu.hhhhhhaaaaaa.

Regan said...

That looks so fun!!

Ario Achda said...

@ diiyn: nooooooooooo, not at allll!!!! hahaha, thanks diiyn!!!

@ regan: yea it was really fun!!! thank you regan for stoppin by! :p have a great day

Anonymous said...

just found this blog.. everywhere is rocks! i love this blog, the photos, and absolutely the header..

and this event is just superb! wish i could come.. but too far from here.. hehe

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha you know me so well~~

ARIO ACHDA said...

@ wulan: hi wulan, i checked ur blog! ur from semarang rite? aaaw, too bad u cant come...but thanks for droppin by, girl! :p

@ lalita: ahahha. gw ga ikutan loh yaaaaa!!!

Fariz.Rokhanudin said...

maap telat coment,fun bgt para blogger disna...syang gw jga kjauhan mo k'sna he3..napa kualits fotonya ko' ng'blur gtu....