Hi, people...have you read my previous post?
This one is continuing my previous post about the wicked Clayton Hawkins
After drooling over his way of styling himself, lets focus on how he blows his voice off !
He sings plenty renditions from many singers from genre A to Z
Name it from Michael Jackson to Aretha Franklin to Coldplay to OASIS to Gaga to QUEEN and he just NEVER STOPS !
He's a DIVO ! or a DIVA, perharps... *you choose* but what matters is he sings WITH ATTITUDE ! ! !
Here are my TOP 5 rendition from the man himself

The no. 5 video is a rendition of OASIS' number. Trust me, i don't know any of their song, but this one by Clayton sounds just right to me !

Video no. 4 is a song from Aretha Franklin called "Respect". Someone needs some GUTS to take on Aretha, and Clayton has just gained my RESPECT for nailing it *the song plus the fur coat ! ! !*

Third one is a very soft version of Coldplay's "Fix You". Clayton can be very powerful but he keeps his voice down to earth in this song. Love this rendition from the very first met ! ! !

Runner up goes to "Dirrty" by Christina Aguilera. I absolutely love this version because Clayton has made the BEST rendition of this song ! Sounds like a completely different song but when the chorus starts to hit, Clayton screams his lungs out and brings the dirrty back !

And my FAVORITE is a rendition of MICHAEL JACKSON'S "EARTH SONG"  ! ! !
Clayton Hawkins has been compared to Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury in his way of singing. I have to admit that He is a fusion of those two legends, but still, Clayton has his own element !
Listen to it and cut my ears if i were wrong !

Oh yes, it's been a joyful day full of singing and screaming ! ! !
Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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