These past few days have been remarkable for those who are passionate in fashion.
Jakarta Fashion Week, the most leading fashion gig in Indonesia is being held from Nov. 6-12 2010. It is filled with PLENTY of Indonesian magnifico designers.
 One of the most anticipated evening was the award night which was held by CLEO magazine.
My luck wheel has been twirled, a friend of mine offered me to come and of course i said "yes" and here is my malfunctioning reportation.

 those heels are cuh-razeee!


i have to say that STAB was probably the most enjoyable showcase of the night
It was fun, playful, childlike and fresh
Even if i don't think that the male's collection are quite wearable

Dina Vahada

 Dina Vahada came up with something conceptual and well prepared
Magic wand, broomstick, witch hat ! ! !
No other word, i was spelled by it
And as i expected, she won the award for "The most talented Young Designer"
Bravo vahada ! You are the next BIG thing ! ! !

Next are a VERY FEW of TOO MANY stylissimo people who came to the award
I was too busy admiring people's look when i could have taken their photos -___-"
Pardon my stupidity and lousy photos

Nina Nikicio - Nikicio
Heidy Kalalo - Fashion Maverick
Dina Vahada - Vahada
forgive-me-i--dunno-his-name - MAP
Liza Mashita - Danjyo Hiyoji
Ario Achda (me) + Amril Ardi

It was one amazing evening, closed by an afterparty at Potato Head
Congratulation for all the winners
and best of luck for CLEO magazine
Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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