BALADA POR UN AMOR: a telenovela

Chapter I

 Chapter II  
Chapter III
Chapter IV
chapter V

~ Fin ~

Special thanks: Tito Caprizione - Midnight Saviour
Until the next jabbering box ! ! ! 
~Ario Achda~

14 comment:

Trie Diksi said...

oh yeah love the poses!

The Spoof.

Raldiano Fawzi said...

ah those pattern! i know them well.
bener ga sih intinya "love will lead you to your own demise" hahaha or perhaps "As the relationship grows deeper, and so does the tendency to feel more despair when apart" anyway, love the language. Very sultry, is that spanish?

Vinda Sonata said...

cool pictures!
i love the editing and the stark contrasts!

Ario Achda said...

@ Trie: Thank Yousssss !

@ Aldo: ahahahaha, aduh do, interpretasi masing2 aja deh ya. gw sengaja ga tulis apa2 biar tiap orang punya imajinasi beda2. yes, it's spanish!!! charming ya! >.<

@ Vinda: Thank you vinda, its actually done by adobe lighting room >.<

Vinda Sonata said...

hey ario, just droppin by to say thank you for following.
you know that means a lot.
keep in touch!!:)

Ashley McConnell said...

you have such a unique style and aesthetic. I just found your blog and love it!

Ario Achda said...

@ vinda: MY PLEASURE!!! keep in touch! :)

@ Ashley: hey, thank you so much ashley. i will come by to ur blog too asap!!! have a nice day.

Beny Ricardo Sadewo said...

hahahaha... Glad to know you blogging now.... and make a plus word for less number of man (and young) Indonesian Fashion bloggers.... so,
link exchange??? i want be Malfunction so bad!!!! ahahah...

PS : i'm totally jealous with your hairstyle anyway.. =p

Beny Ricardo Sadewo

M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

cool photos ario, i love the editing...
i like this photo set, even i don't know the meaning of the languange... tehee :D , and you are the man who has a good expressions, good expression ario.

Ario Achda said...

@ Ersa: ahahaha, makasih banyak ersa. it's a story actually. "Ballads Of Love". sisanya kan ada artinya :) btq thx a lot ya :)

Michael said...

hey ario! burn that thing, right now! LOL, just kidding...

i love what you did on this post!

Show Me Your Look Today

Ario Achda said...

@ Mikey: ahahaa, it's a symbol you know! thanks a lot mikey!

evita nuh said...

hey! now I'm making 'magnífico' pose! :) hehehe....

Ario Achda said...

@ evita: ahahaha, u don;t have to, cos ur already magnifico, girl!!! hey, comin to the blogger yardsale tomorrow???