SOU BRETTE's UNKNOWN WATERS: a pact of land and ocean

Sou Brette, a brand of jewelery line by Indonesian designer, Muqliza Imroni has now comeback with their latest always-statement-collection named UNKNOWN WATERS
Inspired by a 1953 Alexandr Ptushko Russian film "Sadko" whose story is telling about a journey to the Underwater Kingdom, UNKNOWN WATERS from Sou Brette has brought the fairytale into life
This latest line of jeweleries is a divine fusion between the softness, the peace, and the beauty of the ocean's realm
Almost too vulnerable to be true
 Yet too strong to be neglected

please welcome

for more information of Sou Brette, click here

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~Ario Achda~

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great accessories :)


hey ario!
thanks for your comment to my blog!

and sou brette is goddamn cool one!


michelle_ said...

gorgeous pieces !!
thanks soo much for stopping by at my blog :)

costra y ampolla said...

Love the colors on this!

Michael said...

first, your audience/reader cannot be older than 40, coz they definitely will need eyeglasses to read your posts... what with the font size you got here, LOL!

second, i like the clean white look... what do you feed those fishes? i think you need to clean the aquarium, the water looks dark ☻

third, thank you for the comment you left on my post! i just miss my dogs so i wrote a post about them... it's kinda long, i dont expect everybody to read them... dya have a pet?

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take care!

Ario Achda said...

@ the divintius : it sure is!!! :)

@ gilbert/ganda : my pleasure!!! ^.^

@ michelle : anytime, michelle!

@ costra y ampolla : so peaceful right? i like the blue tone as well

@ mikey :

1. i did it on purpose bu choosing the small font. LOL. please do forgive the inconvinience

2. is it??? isn't the water milky white?? the dark ones are the fishes! lol

3. ur very welcome mikey. no, i don't. that's y i always adore those who take care of their pet good!