Social Networking Utility is a thing that everyone in this modern era must be aware
You name it from the early phenomenon friendster, liveconnector, myspace, to the maybe-one-of-the-biggest-cyber-phenomenon facebook and twitter. There is one more that i haven't mentioned: LOOKBOOK

Yes, lets just cut the chase, the site LOOKBOOK has brought me a new circle of friendship that i've been enjoying since a year ago. Apart from how pleasing they look in the eyes, they are fun and great friends as well ! 
Now it's been awhile since the last time we met and yesterday a friend of mine said "Lets meet up!!!"

Owhhhh...If only you guys know how i'd love to go!
but as it is written in the title, "Sorry guys, i'm sick"
Lets meet after i get well ! ! ! And by the way, i was browsing our old photos, i think they're pretty "postable" ^.^

even if we rarely update our lookbook page anymore, the friendship shall continues
 Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

15 comment:

fhen said...

oh this looks so fun :)
i have just reactivated my lookbook page again haha
get well soon

ediot said...

thanks for stopping by me- what a great blog you have!!have a wonderful week!

inkarlcerating said...

wow a lookbook get together! you guys are cute

Ario Achda said...

@ fhen : it IS fun ! Btw idk y but I have no more confidence to update my page anymore LOL

@ ediot : my pleasure! Thank you for stoppin by n droppin a comment !

@ karl : ow wow, karl phillip dropped me a line ! Thanks a lot ! ! So proud

Tara said...

ur photos is awesomeeeeeeee
i like the different style of your firends.
and get well soon..

Ian D. Sitompul said...

pegangan boooos,kayanya uda ga seimbang....
tapi gapapa,
yang penting bersenang-senang.hurray!

michelle_ said...

looks like a great outting !
yes i remember abt the tutorial.. apparently, my schedule is super busy at the moment.. and somehow my computer "screen recording" software seems to not work, so i cant do tutorials at the moment :/

Amril said...

lah, inikan foto lama! get well soon brot.. :)

Ario Achda said...

@ tara : makasih tara, ini yang moto temen. he;s a GREAT photographer

@ tompul : haha, kayanya pas buka blog gw pas postnya foto borongan ya. anyway thanks pul!

@ michelle : ah, ic ic. well, i will always looking forward to it!!!

@ amril : eh, makanya dibaca! emang foto lama. btw watch the language please! -__-" LOL

Fé... said...

Very cool pictures!

Michael said...

Here's my small comment. There's my small comment. Just playin'

So i hope this time you're well? Take care always! Life would suck bigtime if we aren't in the 'pink' of health....

Show Me Your Look Today

Aditya Tirtakusuma said...

It looks so fun!

Ario Achda said...

@ Fe : thank u, girl :)

@ mike : haha...small comment. i'm so trying to stay PINK!

@ adit : it IS! thank yoooouuuu, dit!

Anonymous said...

Hey you!

Thank you for your visit and that you are following my blog :)

wonderful pictures!
Looking forward to more post from you! im following you! ;)

Have a nice weekend!


Hr Johansen

Ario Achda said...

@ torgeir : MY PLEASURE ! really like ur blog! thank u so much for kindly droppin a comment and followin me back :)