There is nothing better than pleasing your eyes and your stomach
Just like this day i had with a bestmate of mine, Amril Ardi
We went to Indonesia Fashion World in Jakarta Convention Center

Months ago, i received a Rp. 300.000 free dining voucher in Sakana and it's group
So we ended our day with dinner in Sakana, a Japanese Restaurant in Sudirman
i have to say this again: They have THE BEST takoyaki in town ! ! !
we ate like PIG ! *so GRATEFUL for those dining vouchers*

It was a celebration, quality time
...or perharps...Just another thing i am thankful for

~ sorry for the lack of the gig review ~

Indonesia Fahion World


Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

2 comment:

Amril Ardi said...

takoyakinyaaaa ya tuhaaaaaannn.. enaaaaakkkk.. thank you broooott..

Ario Achda said...

iya kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn?????

duh lagi puasa niiih...lapar >.<