23 on 23rd

i have no wishlist
i have no expectation
i have no wishful thinking
only gratefulness and humbleness
for being who i am
for posessing what i do
and for not posessing what i don't
for being loved unconditionally
for being hated and against for
for being embraced with compassion
for being labeled and discriminated
i'm thankful with my heart on the ground

happy birthday to me
happy less one year
happy dwelling with emotion turbulences
happy being happy

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

5 comment:

Sari_Hime said...

Ahahahahaha...Nice words for your self!
Once again I wanna say "Otanjobi omedeto gozaimasu..."

New age means new power and new book. Make it more enjoyable and useful ^_^

Tara said...

Happy Belated Birthday !!

Emmi said...

Cool words! I really luvd them!
Happy birthday!
U have an interesting blog, I'm so gonna follow you!(:



M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

Happy birthday Ario.. wish you all the best ;)

michelle_ said...

great post :)
hbd to you !