Yesterday was a blissful Sunday, i attended the annual GELAR JEPANG (Japan Festival) 2010 held by Japanese Literature Students of University of Indonesia
This was actually the second time i went there, and i say it is always crazy. People are dressing up like a cartoon or comic books character
We call it 'cosplay - costume playing'. I myself whose major is Japanese, am aware with this community, still amazed whenever i see these people
They are so...umm...in it! They live another world for a day that they can enjoy, and for that one day, they are the STARS ! ! !

These were some of the attendants who put on a style

These were the daring cosplayer, they deserve extra bandwith !

i LOVE their stereofoam DIY headset !


These were me and a bucnh of my friends goofin around 
This was Jakarta Keion-bu collaborating with Eisa performing poco-poco, BIG MUSE!

Again, i only took Jakarta Keion-bu's picture, they were VERY entertaining. My favorite part was when they combine 'kokoro no tomo' and 'Kemesraan - Indonesian Song' as a symbol of friendship between Indonesia and Japan. All of the members are Japanese but they sang lots of Indonesian songs, including KUCING GARONG *no, nothing's wrong with ur eyes!*

Yep this was me, wearing plain white polo tee, a customized necklace *made from my nephew's green robot toy*, my black super skinny jeans, a friend's bowler hat, Aksara go green tote and a pair of green loafer by Parachute

O de ley o de ley o de ley hi huuu ! ! !
This was me, Toge and Putri, another great photographer. Some of the photos i post here were taken by her *I'm sure u can tell which ones >_<"*

This was me and Toge, a photographer friend of mine who brilliantly made the photo in the Color Spectrum post. He teeached me many things to use pocket camera, brilliant him, silly me!

 These were the final climax ! ! !
This was Bon Odori. Every Japan Festival MUST have this. It's a five-rounded simple dance that is participated by almost every attendant. My favorite was the one that uses 'Chibi Maruko Chan OST' FUN FUN FUN!
Everyone started to light a firework!
The festival was ended with fireworks, BIG fireworks !
My favorite one. Just like stars !

Great job dear you guys, see you again next year ! ! !

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~ Ario Achda ~

2 comment:

Sari_Hime said...

I envy you because you had the change to see the Hanabi!
Kalo gak inget harus pulang naik kereta,gue bakalan nunggu sampe Hanabinya keluar. Hiks...hiks...

Ario Achda said...

it was greaaaatttt!!!!

yaaah, too bad u had to catch the last train ya!