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Friday, May 28th 2010 was one the biggest day of my llife, and probably so far the biggest one in 2010. The theater club that i'm entitled , once again, performing the show that was held before on October, 3rd 2009. The show was called "Musical Kaguya-hime" and the last time we called it "Musical Kaguya-hime - Encore Performance"
Still musical, still in Japanese, still original, still presenting Imel ten2five, the genius behind the beautiful ten songs, still entertaining, and most importantly, still performing from the heart
And hell, i say, this time, we did it better,  twice better ! ! ! 
The Japanese Ambassador for Indonesia, Mister Shiojiri Kojiro was kindly attending to watch us and gave us a bouquette in the end of the show
These are the photos *LOTS of photos* from our last performance. I will tell you the tale in the photo caption. Please enjoy !



The show was started with these five college students who were having a chit-chat about their final thesis theme. One of them has decided to take Japanese Folklore. And her lecturer, who take the narrator role eventually told her a beautiful folklore, titled 'Kaguya-hime'
Once upon a time, there was a kind old couple (yes that OLD man is ME! ! !) who earned money by selling bamboos that they take from inside the forest. They were happily live but they were lonely, because the only daughter they had, had died many years ago. One day they found a shining bamboo. They were scared yet curious...
"Lets cut it !", said the old man
Voila ! There was a beautiful little baby girl inside it. They were very happy and they took her home and named her 'Kaguya-hime' (princess Kaguya)
But where there is a happiness, there is always a hatred. Kaguya-hime is a pretty and bright little girl now. And rumor has said that ever since the old couple brought her home, they were blessed with lots of gold and money. These villagers were sinking in the ocean of envy and jealousy, especially the boy in the blue. He was furious to hear that everyone was blown away by Kaguya-hime's beauty, as he thinks that nobody SHOULD NOT be prettier than him *yes people, you read it correctly!*
Have you met the cutie-pie princess? Now you can understand why people were jealous at her
Kaguya-hime has brought not only happiness in the small family, but a big fortune as well. The old couple became wealthy, and the princess has grew up to be a sweet-loving-young lady. The news about her infinite beauty spread throughout the country and as soon before it was even realized, princes and young royalty from all over the country came one by one to ask her in marriage...
To make the precious daughter feel happy, the old man told all the young men to bring her an extraoradinary thing...and so here they were...
The joker-lips Prince Ishizukuri, brought an ewer made from Buddha Stone. but Kaguya-hime found that it was artificial. First lie.
The strong Prince Ootomo, brought along a dancer that once he believed could dance every single kind of dance in the world. But the dancer was roboticly crashed down then. Second lie.
The Don-Juan Prince Ishigami confidently taking along his 'greatest violist' who could play an orchestra music with her magic instrument
But you might have guessed it right, by the time she hit it she started it softly, but later on, what they get was...
THIS ! ! !
This magical orchestra sang that they only appear if they heard a flaw tone, least expectedly, last expectedly. Third lie.
The flamboyan Prince Abe, elegantly presenting his gift, a robe made of fire rats fur that he admit as his precious-and-almost-life-taking finding in his adventure all the way to the East special for Kaguya-hime
Kaguya-hime asked him to put the robe into the fire to prove the fire rats' fur's immunity of fire. But the childish prince was caught in the act when the robe was burnt into ashes and he stupidly spoiled that it was his servant's finding instead of his. Fourth lie.
By the time The conceited and pompous Prince Kuramochi came,the grandfather has happened to be furious, but with his charm and attitude, he was almost the chosen one with his exraordinary jewelery branches taken from the Hoorai highland. But then again and again...
"Grandmother, this is not real", said Kaguya-hime. Only this time, the old man refused to hear his daughter prediction. "No matter how you look at it, this is so real", and so he responsed
then, unexpectedly there was this craftman who looked for Prince Kuramochi and asked for his payment, who eventually brought out all the lies. Fifth lies.
Kaguya-hime was fed up with all those lies. She eventually fell for the king who was kind hearted and gentle. The king even promised not only to protect Kaguya-hime, but also the people that she loved.
Kaguya-hime was really touched by the purity of the King's heart, and then she gave the King the immortality powder which could make the King live forever to lead the country. The king and Kaguya-hime was falling into eachother's arm, filled with love and compassion
But there is one thing that could not be changed. Kaguya-hime who finally confessed to her beloved parents that she came from the moon, and soon she had to leave the earth. The old couple's heart were breaking. Begging her to stay is not an option that is even available
This was Kaguya-hime, singing to the faraway sky above, that she had to leave the happiness with the ones she loved
The king helped the couple to protect Kaguya-hime. He brought the couple many soldiers to defend any attack from the enemy
Unfortunately, human can't change what was meant to be. No matter how strong the soldier were, they couldn't fight destiny. Later on, a group of angel from the moon fly and landed on earth. "Princess Kaguya, we are here to take you back to the moon"
"Grandfather, grandmother, the time to say goodbye has come. I will never forget the two of you". It crushed the old couple's heart that they have to let their beloved daughter go.
These were them singing out their sadness and despair
"Grandfather, grandmother. Thank you very much. Goodbye"
The pain wasn't only felt by the old couple, The King bear his hurt and told the sky "I would like to live for eternity if you were here beside me. But what is an eternal life for when you are no longer on earth"
 "I will now use this immortality powder for the sake of my country people. Kaguya-hime...", and so he spread it all over the country and remain wise... ~THE END~


Don't forget to come to our next performance
October, 30th 2010
Gedung Kesenian Jakarta
Urashima Taroo ~ The Amazing Story ~

i apologize for the bad english and naration

Until the next jabbering box ! ! ! 
~Ario Achda~

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Anonymous said...

hhahaha makasih haryo. gw jadi bisa liat foto-foto kemaren >_<"
btw nih foto dari kameranya sapa yah?fotonya keren-keren.. :)
btw, gw harus menerima kenyataan kalau hanya eyeshadow dan sebagian kecil pantat gw yang terdokumentasikan dengan baik di blog lo..Y_Y"
btw gw save beberapa foto yah yo, gw ga punya stok foto kemaren soalnya >_<"

Ario Achda said...

@ lita : hahaha, sumpah ta, waktu milih2 foto gw udah milih yg ada elonya gtu, tp entah kenapa pas uoload k blog saking lamanya gw ampe ngantuk jd keskip, ini sumber kameranya macem2, ga minta dr sensei...hohoho...oktober ini jg mari berusaha bersamaaaaaaaaa

evita nuh said...

it must be one cool performance! :D always love kaguya princess story :)

Ario Achda said...

@ evita : O MY GOSH, ur that little girl from lookbook rite? u certainly grow up fast, girl :)
and thanks u for stoppin by, wish u were there to enjoy the show...:)
btw, i'm following ur blog rite away for sure!

fhen said...

woah the stage performance looks interesting!
hope next time i can see the performance in person
have a great weekend

fhen said...

the performance looks interesting
hope i can wwatch em in person sometimes
have a great weekend


Ario Achda said...

@ fhen : hey, thank u so much for leaving a trace here! please do come to our next show on October 30th, if ur in town :)

La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

congrats on having a great turn out of ur show and from the pics the show looks really good!!!!!

Ario Achda said...

@ La Jodie & La Couture : thank u so much! ! ! appriciate it :)

michelle_ said...

seems like a cool musical drama !!

Ario Achda said...

@ michelle : it was totally fun! thank u michelle ^_^