Do you feel unfortunate?
what are the things that u hate?
lack of food?
lack of money?
lack of luxury?
You do? don't worry cos you are not alone
To me, "jealousy" is the word that is unavoidable no matter what
A couple days ago, i had a chance to learned a new lesson
Along with some of my JCC and ENJUKU fellows, i visited an orphanage named "Sayap Ibu"
It was an annual visit of JCC, and i wasn't aware of what would welcome me
So there were children, taking their nap time, so we couldn't meet them in person
But we had a chance to see them from outside the window of their room
There was this boy, a 7 or 8 y.o boy, laying down on his bed
unable to do anything. eyes were closed
"some damages inside his brain", so the man from the orphanage said
"it takes 15 million every month for his treatment, and he won't live long either"
So there i was, stopped looking around and staring at him, seperated by a big glass
Babies. Many of them. Some were crying. Some were sleeping.
And i couldn't take my eyes off of them
They were seriously sent from heaven
one of them was found under the bridge, inside a plastic bag, with only 2.5 pounds-weight
two of them were twin, Maria and Mario, left by their master-degree parents
and then this handsome baby boy who suffered hydrosephallus, a disease where there are waters inside his head which will cause his head getting bigger, bigger and bigger and die over it eventually.
I was smiling at him, waving my hand from outside the window, trying to tell him that he has to survive...and he was smiling...at me
I still don't understand why parents would do such things
appearantly a "heart" is not included with the heart organ inside us
I was imagining many things inside my head. How would these babies grow and live their lives? What would they ask about their parents' absence?
They don't even know how hard their life would be
And here i am, whining louder than them
Y the rice is not hot, Y does he have more than me, Y does she happier than me,
Y this, Y that, Y and Y and more "Y" that i can't even reach the "Z"
So they have given me the new Y
"Y can't i be grateful to myself?"

They are Maria and Mario, the twins that i told you about
And this was the baby that has hydrosephallus, you can see that his head is a bit big already. Crushes you when you see his face, doesn't it

  Lets direct our life to the fullest by not forgetting others
those who might not be as fortunate as we are
reach out a hand, smile, and give something
and when u get a smile back
that's when your life is a complete scene
and you are free to say 'CUT!'
so may i ask you again...

Do you feel unfortunate?

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

2 comment:

Sari_Hime said...

Hua...the babies were so lovely ya!
Gue nggak sampai kepikiran gimana ada orangtua yang tega membuang anak2 selucu itu. (T_T)

Sayang banget ya,gue dateng telat. Jadi,gak bisa ikut. Padahal pengen banget!

Thank you for sharing teh photos in this blog (^_^)

Ario Achda said...

@ sari : indeed. they're gorgeous. i feel lucky to get a chance to met them...