after a tiring day, good food and good companies are always welcomed.
yesterday, right after ENJUKU's weekly practice, 先生 took us to Sakana for dinner.
Well as you might have guessed, i was thrilled. They have THE BEST takoyaki in town! ! !
fortunately i had my camera, so this post would be the first live report post :)
here are the pictures
... of me ... of the place ... of the food ... of the companions ...

Sakana has always been kind in promoting ENJUKU's existence. BIG THANKS!
 Me in front of Aro Aroy *i was pushed to pose cool! ! !*
Light Grey Polo Tee, Silverish Zara Jacket, Grey Zara Bag, Pointy Shoes by JELOVEST, Stephanie Lim 
 The Man behind the takoyaki stove!
Corridors, corridors and corridors
This lady is absolutely nice!
Don't you love the menu? It's dramatic! :D
Takoyaki *eaten as fast as the blink of an eye*
 this is Fadri, sipping the oden broth right from the giant bowl ! ! ! 
Ten Don
Nabeyaki Udon
 Sashimi Don *RECOMMENDED by writer ! ! !*
Here are almost everyone
Accidental shot is always fun!
O My God how cute! Japanese souvenirs ! ! They even have Japanese traditional summer badminton racket ! ! !
One last shot by Sari, she's good at this!

There you go, lots of photos, right?
Well i hope you enjoy this as much as i do

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

2 comment:

Sari_Hime said...

Akhirnya di-posting juga foto2 ini di blog-mu Hario 3. (^_^)

The place is really memorable. The food is "osihi". And...the most important is, I had my ENJUKU's friend to eat with. Setiap tawa dan kebersamaan yang dirasakan bersama kalian (wahai teman2 ENJUKU), selalu jadi moment penting dalam hidup gue...hehehehehe

Oia...thank you for saying that I am god at taking a photos. Ureshi desu (>_<)V

Ario Achda said...

@ sari : hahaha, you are good at taking pictures sari! thanks!

sedikit koreksi, 'osihi' dan 'ureshi' punya 2 'i'...jd 'oishii' dan 'ureshii'...mereka adalah kata sifat jenia 1 atau disebut juga kata sifat 'i'...untuk selanjutnya tunggu dr alex sensei mungkin ya...hahahhaa

n same feeling about ENJUKU...we are a family already, ain't we? :)