MOON PRINCESS ... *dengan kekuatan bulan akan menghukummu ! ! !*

In this beautiful morning i still try to find some inner peace,
not because i'm in a chaotic circumstances but again *i'm sorry to tell you so many times* i'm freaking nervous for my performance tomorrow night, and probably it's my last time using the internet for the next several days.
Thinking about Kaguya-hime, a moon princess who was born from inside a bamboo whose folklore we're trying to present tomorrow night on stage, my thoughts lead me to another moon princess who used to be my hero, hmmm, maybe almost every kid's hero *every kid like me - corrected*. Well at least she and her team was the most stylish heroine. One day i drew the whole team in their yukata *summer kimono*. I had fun doing it and i'd like to share it with you guys, maybe it would make your summer even summerer ! 

have a great long weekend people ! ! !

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

7 comment:

michelle_ said...

im just simply amazed by this anime drawing !
i can nvr draw like this !
have a great weekend !

Marla Singer said...

wow i love this drawing! i used to draw something like this too. hehe <3

Ario Achda said...

@ michelle : hey, thanks for stoppin by, how did u know i made this post> cos i don't see you followin my blog :)

btw, it was drawn YEARS ago, sekarang udah ga bisa gambar sama sekali :( jd ini kenang2annya hehe

Ario Achda said...

@ marla : really???? why not share it in your blog??? would love to see them! :)

Sari_Hime said...

Kapan ni, gambarnya Yo?
Yang ini lebih ke versi manga-nya ya?
Bagus, bagus...(^_^)

Ario Achda said...

@ sari : lupa sar...udah tahunan yg lalu. iya ini nyontohnya dr yg versi naoko takeuchinya, bukan yg ad bbrp yg udah kecapekan jd ga proporsional ! hahaha

Lucca Yoga said...

I'm falling in love with this sketch.