It has been a couple of months since i started this blog but i haven't found any specific things to write and to share about, even until then i guess i'm going to do something i should have done from the beginning. INTRODUCING myself.

My Name is Hario Bintang Achda, which i mostly present as 'Ario Achda'
in my dull plot of life, weirdly i can't say i'm just an ordinary boy
Lets just cut the chase by saying that i'm a pure ja(v)anese who speaks ja(p)anese (me and my big mouth) ... pathetic i know but i find it pretty cool ^___^"

My rotation is around the globe of neglected graduate thesis, a rather-idiotic bestfriend to count on to, and a musical Japanese theatre club named "ENJUKU" which i powerlessly devote myself to
...(someday i'd write a special post about this club)...

 I am quite passionate in fashion culture
to me, fashion is not a way to stand out the crowd but it is a self-escapade and independence. It's personal and sensitive
I tend to call myself as a preppy guy as people claimed big framed glasses, skinny pants and pointy shoes as my signature style
But whatever the style i believe in, my taste is not for everybody
my vibrant personality is not for everybody
my mind is not for everybody
my blog is not for everybody
so i welcome haters too...only in a sophisticated way :)
so here i am, promising myself to post more pictures than letters and breaking my vow already in the first trial *LOL*
and good night people! ! ! 

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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