222nd post and i am back with a new look and a new URL !
I'm saying goodbye to the header that's been around since the beginning
 it is now http://arioachda.blogspot.com !

I've been neglecting blogging for quite some times
Every people must have their own period of boredom...other than work and personal stuffs, nothing barely attracts me these days. I didn't even manage to come to JFW, at all...

During my hiatus time, my friends asked me to go here and there, shop this and that, watch this and that movie, but i didn't feel like it. I just stayed at home and browsed through the internet. Click by click led me to this new soundtrack of the latest Bond movie
I have never been a fan of James Bond, but ever since i was a kid, Bond's soundtracks always got me in the tunes. Diamonds are Forever by Shirley Bassey, Golden Eye by Tina Turner, Die Another Day by Madonna, The World is Not Enough by The Garbage,  and now, Skyfall by Adele

There's a very strong magnet and melody of those songs that they always got me humming and more than that, imaginative to play characters...
So for a comeback post, i'd like to apply the Bond kinda style which i still brought home in my own way

i was wearing: // TOPMAN suit // TOPMAN paisley tie //  plain white shirt i bought from Blogger Yard Sale #3 // Michael Kors shades // Collarcuffs from @wearCAROLS by a super beautiful blogger fellow, Marcella Caroline

 I guess it is not ugly to suit up sometimes, isn't it?
All i need now to complete my look is a gun and a bigger piece of manhood...BANG !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Looking fineeeeeee kak! And me love the new header as well ! Missed your posts! x


evita nuh said...

you look good in suit :) gotta love the tie!

anasgch said...

Feel the same lately. Have been ignoring my friends for a while right now, haven't hang out with them like forever. The different was just i'm busy killing the ungraduate thesis. LOL

You look good with suit Kak! :D Love the color! and cool blog headbanner too!

Goodluck and fighting! :D


You look classy, Sir!
Your collarcuffs are too cute <3

Vania Aprilia said...

amazing new design Kak Ario! :D missed your posts and you look amazing in this one!

Pudding Monster

Aby Respati said...


Claireta Teressa said...

you look soo edgy and classy ☺


Saveera Vivid said...

whoa! the collarcuffs make me in love kak! <3


Mitha Komala said...

a comeback post and kak! you look damn good in suit, love love the shades xx

Letters To Juliet

Nava said...

Aaah it's easier to type in the URL now kak :D Tho the background makes it a lil bit harder to read your post. Either you should make the letters bolder/darker or just remove the black birdies, no? :/

Well, have a fancy day! ^^a

adelle veronica said...

iih kece ... next time jalan pake gini yaa kak!

jadi ario 'bond' achda nanti kak...

kangeeennn,, yuukk meet up! asap!!

Christine Adelina said...

Awesome collarcuffs =3
Can never go wrong with suits!!
Sorry ya spam comment drtd ud lama ga buka blog