Ever since i started this blog i have previously mentioned that i am a part of a musical theater group called "ENJUKU"
Shortly, ENJUKU, established 4 years ago, is a theater group specified for University students whose major is Japanese Language (and yes that was my major). Interestingly, not all of ENJUKU's current member are all Japanese Language's students, but they share the same interest and passion, Japan and art
ENJUKU throws a special performance once a year
The first three years' story was derived from old Japanese tale like Kaguya Hime, Urashima Taroo, and Yuki Onna
I was a part of the members and the comitee, also had a chance to played on stage back in the first two years
THIS was my first performance, and THIS was my second one (if you feel like checking them up ) :)
I graduated after the 2nd year, but didn't stop giving my support, i unintentionally became a volunteer for "Acting Creative", whose job is somewhat like a director assistant. Yes, i coach (with a very limited knowledge). Yes. LOL

Moving on, this 2012 is the 4th year for ENJUKU, and this is the first time we come with an ORIGINAL STORY!
The tittle is 

WAGAHAI WA NYANKO DE ARU (WAGANYAN) tells a story about a life of a naive cat named "Nyanko"
Literally, "Nyanko" means "Kitten" so to give "Nyanko" as a name for a cat is actually strange in the first place. Nyanko was a strained cat. It was a little girl named Yuri who picked him up on the street.
The story then will take you to Japan 100 years ago, to witness Nyanko's life with Yuri's family, including despairing time because as Yuri grows up, she leaves no attention to Nyanko again and left him neglected...poor Nyanko
Fortunately, during his life, Nyanko meets so many good friends. Kuro the boss, Tora the old cat, Buchi the playful cat, Shiro the sexy cat, The sissy Ryuunosuke, and the lovely Mike, who stole Nyanko's meaow-ing heart. :)
The full story contains a lot of emotions. Friendship, love, cat-fights, relationship between human and pet, and so many things that will move you. WAGANYAN is a musical show so we put LOTS of music and dances into it, all original by ENJUKU

This next video is a simple promotion video of our last rehearsal a month before the show...

When we had this rehearsal, not all of properties and costumes are ready, and it was probably amateurly taken. If you're curious of what's the stage gonna be, here i attached the resume video from last year's performance about a snow fairy who falls in love with a man she should have murdered, YUKI ONNA ~ TEARS OF SNOW ~
It is 16 minutes long so i hope you can bear with it :)

How?  Are you intrigued a little bit? or you really wanna come? or you feel like it's a waste of time? :(
Please do come, we sell the ticket already !
 Saturday, 27 & Sunday, 28 October 2012 by 7 p.m
There are two kinds of tickets. The A tix is 60.000 rupiah and B tix is 35.000 rupiah
 Such an affordable price, right?
 DO NOT worry, ENJUKU will provide subtitles in Indonesian on the screen, so ANYONE (anyone who can speak Indonesian) can watch this ! :)
The tix for Saturday is ALMOST sold out, but the good news is i have 4 FREE tickets for the Sunday, 28 Oct 2012 for two winners !
All you have to do is:
1. Follow my blog and twitter here (If you don't have a blog, simply follow my twitter)
2. Mention me on twitter, tell me why you want to watch ENJUKU, include #WAGANYANTIX
3. Put a comment on the comment box, mention your name / age / e-mail / twitter ID / the link of your tweet
Will announce the winner by Friday, 19th of October 2012, so make sure you put the comment before that !

If you feel like skipping the contest and just buy it, PLEASE feel free to call JAKARTA COMMUNICATION CLUB (JCC) at +62 21-7257266
I know that my blog is somehow classified as Fashion Blog, but why not refresh ourselves with other kind of art sometimes ? :)

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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Cindy Karmoko said...

omg ariooo i'm so proud of youuuu, i really wish i could come to watch the performance. plis jd artis aja d indo kamu cocok bgt! good luck and semangat buat semua anak theater enjuku i'm sending my love from milan to all of them :)

anasgch said...

Kak, aku mau! Aku mau! >:D

Name : Anastasia G
Age : 22th
Email : anastasia.goenawan@gmail.com
twitter ID : @anasgch027
link : https://twitter.com/anasgch027/status/256015546020163584

semoga dapet..semoga dapett..>.< *finger-cross*


Mitha Komala said...

good luck with it kak! kenapa yg sabtunya habis ): hiks

Letters To Juliet

Julian Tanoto said...

good luck for the performance ! the videos are great <3

Journal J

Eva Silviana said...

Whoa I do wish you tons of luck kak! :D

crunchy cheese me

Reinhardt Kenneth said...

hey dear, yes I never leave the drama behind, it's a part of the soul on my pictures, it's really just a simple photoshoot for my blog look, nothing much. <3 anyways the rehearsals look amazing, I really wish I could've come, unfortunately I'm far here in Surabaya, sounds amazing, my friend used to spam me over these japanese plays especially yuki onna<3. lovely

Anonymous said...

kk you also so sweet for calling my sweet girl hehee ;) *blushing*
good luc for the perform, you totally awesome. wish someday i can meet you !!

Milex said...