BRIGHTSPOT: the spot that makes you bright

So here i am, bloggin in the middle of my busy time
yesterday i had a chance to go to brightspot opening with some good friends of mine
surprisingly i DID NOT buy anything. yes. not even a thing :)
but it's okay, tho...i met some other bloggers...unluckily i was too shy (again) to say hi and take pictures *silly me*. But i accidentally managed to take pictures with Heidy Kalalo from Fashion-Maverick and Diana Rikasari from Hot Chocolate & Mint
Heidy came to me and ask to take my picture as a streetstyle report for SPICE! magazine, but my answer was 'you are Heidy from Fashion Maverick, right?', and then diana passed by, so i introduced myself, even it's ok if they don't remember >_< *no i'm not bragging, only excited!* 
And here are the booth and other photos...fabulosssooo ! ! !

  this fabulosso bag belongs to Stephanie Lim, a good friend of mine

 Overall, it was a great experience
 Can't wait for the next BRIGHTSPOT! ! !
For now, let's get back to my busy days

 Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

12 comment:

evita nuh said...

I was there too last night, :D too bad we don't bumped to each other :( but maybe another time :D

bethannyputri said...

you went there too, waw.. why don't you call me? ehe

issye margaretha kamal said...

aaa iri liat semua org ke brightspot. nice to find our blog btw :)

STEPHANIE! said...

ah sweet! :) nice post, been so lazy to post something to my blog anyway, yours is still FABULOUS as always!! :)

love you sweets!

YONA AJENG said...

looks like you had so much fun :)

Ario Achda said...

@ evita : aaaaggghh...too baaad!!! we should take a picture together if we met!!!! boyscout's promise!!!

@ bethany : ahahaha, i wanted to! tapi takut salah...menyesal deh :)

@ issye : hey, u shud come too! fun! glad u post a comment too :)

@ steph : ooowww, that's sweet, steph...btw kapan2 pinjam tasnya ya. haha

@ yona : it was fun indeed. spare ur schedule to attend brightspot! :)

Aditya Tirtakusuma said...

Wah kenapa kita tidak bertegur sapa? Belanja doooong tadi mah :p

Ario Achda said...

@ adit : ahahaha, abis ga ketemu. kl ketemu pasti selain menyapa gw juga minta foto! hahaha...salah 1 timnya danjyo hiyoji ya? :)

evita nuh said...

of course! boyscout promise! hehehe! and oh I just put your link on my roll! :D

Ario Achda said...

@ evita : aaaww, thank you! i will DEFINITELY put yours too on my blog!!! hope to see ya soon!

Tara said...

lucky you ario, can meet Diana and Heidy. I was there too but i back to home at 6.30 so i can meet you and another blogger :( .

I like ur blog and i'll put ur link at my blog roll, can you put my link too ????

Ario Achda said...

@ tara : hey, i came around 7. i met some other too like bethany and luthfi, but i didn't say hi...:)

and about the link, sure, why not? i'll put yours too