Have you read my post titled "CONTROL your PITCH" ?
it was written when i was involved in a recording project
And nope, i'll write it for the second time, i am not a singer nor an artist (yet *LOL*), but i am entitled as a member of a theater club named "ENJUKU" which is (mostly) specialized for college students whose major are Japanese, through out Jakarta and around...

On Saturday, October, 3rd 2009, we held our first performance, "Musical Kaguya-hime" which story was derived from a Japanese Folklore titled "Kaguya-hime"
The performance consists of 60 minutes dialogue (in Japanese of course) and 30 minutes of live concert (10 original songs, also in Japanese)

It was a pretty big BOMB.Tickets were sold out, medias were around and here we are proudly present the new baby born, the official

"CD Musical Kaguya-hime" 
 Imel (ten2five)&Teater ENJUKU

The Cover
the recording team, minus "Ichi"

It feels amazing and surreal when there is actually a CD with your voice inside
and that is what i'm feeling at the moment
so i want to share the dirt and i want the whole world to hear and feel it together
Each of the 10 songs completely brings diverse emotion and connected from the track 01 until the closing track 10, simultaneously flowing as the plot of the whole story of the "Musical Kaguya-hime"
Beautiful as it can be, the baby is now available
For booking, purchasing and information you can contact

JCC 2 - Jl. Cipaku II no. 4, Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan
Phone Number: (021)725-72-66 . (021)725.05.30
CP: Alima, Wiwin
Price: Rp. 35.000,-

The pitch is now unquestionably no longer out of tune
as the magical touch from the voice of princess of the moon is just a step away from your Music Player ! ! !

Another breaking fact:
To fulfill many ones' wishes who haven't got the chance to see our last performance
Again, we are PROUDLY say that we're having an
on Friday, May, 28th 2010 in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta
For information or ticket reservation you may contact the same address as the written above...
Whew...sorry for the "2-many-announcement-in-1-post"
You just can't hold a happy guy down, can you?
Have a nice weekend, fellas! ! !

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

4 comment:

Sari_Hime said...

ahahahahaha...finally you wrote it on your blog about Kaguya-hime CD. Memang pengalaman yang menyenangkan ketika mendengar suara sendiri di sebuah benda bernama "CD". Dan, yang paling membanggakan...di situ ada penyanyi idola gue Mbak Imel ten 2 five (^_^). Biar bukan artis, tapi berasa jadi artis...ahahahahahaha.

Semua kerja keras selama proses latihan dan rekaman terbayar sudah ketika dengerin lagu demi lagu di album Kaguya-hime. Just like you, I want it to share this happiness with every body! So...I hope there is a lot of people who buy it. (^_^) v

Ario Achda said...

haha, iyalah sari, ini butuh pemberitaan yang luas...cm belom sempet2 update enjuku news deh...

i still listen to it everyday, masih hangat2 euphorianya... :D

no matter what it feels magical to me :)

Chinchonk's Blog said...

busseetttt daahhhhh si harioooooooo~~

di kampus aja baru mau gw pasang poster CDnya~~

eehhh dia uda publikasi ajaaa~~


but well, great job all~~~ (>.<)b
gw juga uda beliii doonnnkkkk tadiii~~

Ario Achda said...

@ chinkchonk : HAHAHAHAHA!!! gw ga sabar aja membagi berita bahagia ini pada dunia chonk!!!

kita harus gercep alias gerak cepaaat...hwehehehe...terima kasih loh sudah beli!!! :D ayo promosi lagiiiiiii