you took my childhood away
you don't laugh at my jokes
you despise what i wear
you don't see my achievements
you caused me suffering
you grew hatred in me
you don't understand a thing in me
i hate you
and i could careless
just as i could leave the fuss
but then i remember
that we shared the same blood
and i'm part of your flesh
so that's why it's sad
Yesterday...Happy birthday
sorry i don't even know how old you are today
but the older you get, the more frightened i be
i hate to see you getting weaker
as it is drawn with your white hair
and your heavier breath
even if we never get along
even if i don't seem to be good enough for you
even if you don't love for who i really am
even if i am not the apple of your eyes
even if i am the sacamore you've been cutting down
i love you
with purity
and pride
and smile

4 comment:

December Girl said...

seems like somebody's having a daddy issues.. but then again, aren't we all do! ;)
anyway, its beautifully wrote. love it :)

Sari_Hime said...

I can understand to your feeling. I've been in your condition also. I hate my father, and he is my enemy. But...after my mom's death, he is the only parents I have in this world. I was try to except him as the way he is. After all, he is my father for his good and his bad.

Believe me...It's hard for me, share the same home and the same air with him. But...then, like you said...the older he gets, the more I get scare. Deep down, I know our father love us very much. They just don't have the way to express it to us.

Chinchonk's Blog said...

>.< tulisannyaaaa~ gw tersentuhhh yoooo~~

yeah i do love my daddy~~ :D

Ario Achda said...

@ marsha, sari, riri : thanks you for the compliment :) for this one i can't talk much...unlike me, eh? lol