Ever since i started this blog, i've been writing about my personal daily life
Simply from achievement i'm feeling proud enough to brag around, my whimsical and actively fluctuating mood, my thoughtless poetic mind, piles of not-so-smart jokes, to, of course, my personal style and taste...

If you happen to know me, in person or virtually, you'd know that i'm not a most guy :)
I'm not the kind who would feel enough with a basic Tee and a pair of baggy jeans plus sneakers
To tell you the truth, and to reminisce the old time memories, i was that kind of guy, but somewhere along the way, the wind turned the direction around and led me to another road i'm in
I'm not saying that i dislike guys who dress up that way. Honestly, it was easier back then, to be one of those guys who won't attract attention when i was walking down the street or taking a bus
It was much simpler to be the kind of guy who fit in and accepted in society
However, for some people, we just can not hide who we are
Dressing up, slowly became a big thing, because it is one of the main way for me to show who i am and my PERSONALITY, even if people would gaze at me and talk about me
It does feel awkward sometimes, but i have no grudge left for such things


I'm not gonna say "I don't do fashion - I AM Fashion" the way the legendary Coco Chanel did
I do fashion, i live with it, and i'm growing up with it
Now that it has turned August and i'm heading to quarter life crisis this month, i'm filling my mood with maturity, chicness and sophistication, both in attitude and style...
My current obsession are Black and Gold, the perfect combination to goal such look in the most effortless way

These next photos were taken a few days ago, when i was heading to a meeting with my friends and went to AMICA magazine to have a photo session along with some of my blogger fellows...
Some friends say the outfit was very Diva. I took that as compliment, but I'd rather just say it's luxurious and sophisticated :)

i was wearing: PVOMO belted black shirt // PICNIC gold-ish outerwear // DIGNITY short chinos // PEDRO shoes // ANTYK BUTYK neckpiece  

photographed by: Yudhie Ramadhan (@yudhieramadhan)

By the way, this post is supposed to be a shameless entry for a blogging competition that is being held by SONY VAIO Indonesia (@SonyIndonesia) and Female Daily (@FemaleDaily), but i got carried away with my own oration as always...
VAIO has just released it's latest E series notebook, The SONY VAIO  E14P, which comes with five color options that would fit your personality and style, the way i laid my eyes and soul to the metallic smoky gun with gold accent on it. Yes, the luxurious and sophisticated one...
The competition will be closed by TOMORROW, Sunday, August 5th 2012
You still have 24 hours to join  and if you're feeling like you're in for some fierce competition, click HERE

Not only loving the notebook with lines of amazing features, including a gesture identification which allows you to operate some of your application without even touching your touchpad, 2 seconds wake-up mode, and a long lasting battery, i also love the genius jargon #BECAUSEITSME, that could really speak to the user and inspire people, especially youngsters these days, to be brave to embrace their personality and make the most of it!

Anyway, we can be powerful & energetic, cool & creative, calm & independent, sweet & cheerful, or luxurious & sophisticated or whatever personality that we are, but whatever our personality is, at the end of the day, it always comes home to how our attitude wraps it all...Never let anyone define us! :)

Have a nice August !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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Owen said...

why do you have to be so chic... I just adore your necklace it goes well with the outerwear!

Girl With Plastic Camera said...

love all the photos!!
you are amazing kak! <3

Girl With Plastic Camera

Claradevi Handriatmaja said...

You know there's no other reason to love you beside for your true being which is already a complete bestfriend and bitching package for me. Keep being you, ario, because you're awesome, and because it's you :)

Mitha Komala said...

i feel like retweeting the whole paragraph. it is just so true and im so agree with what you wrote! mei and i always have that thought of life might be so much easier if we dress up normally, but at the end we think we were born to be outstanding ;) and oh i really love your necklace and outer, so rad! keep on inspiring kak! ;D xx

Letters To Juliet

Shinly Fransisca said...

you cool as who you are kak <3
don't need to be another person.
yes, you're different. that's why you get a lot of followers there.
and by the way, it'sa cool necklace.


Alviana Kalin said...

doesn't matter what people think, I think you rock!! love ur style ;)


Lisshandra Tanata said...

the photos, the words, are all inspiring :)



Drama dulu ternyata opening post-nya hahahaha, gpp sharing drama is the best and of course good luck with the gold&black.

sooo yes, that was fun to be with you guys in a one frame, lain kaliiiii yaaaaa lagi2 LOL, dan gw harus beli wedges ini mah beneran zzzzz.

Danny Suyandi said...

agree with all your words :D
dress up normally is good, but being fashionable is better!


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

I think that human's nature is definitely wanting to stand out =) Kak you're soooooo rad arghh love the necklace and these blurry shots are definitely stunning! x


Christine Adelina said...

I totally get the bus scene.. happned to me too even when i was in London.. hahahha but its ok I love your style heeheehee

Love assassination btw! uber cool

thanks so much for the sweet comments on my blog, I really appreciate it =)


Cindy Karmoko said...

oh please ario what is normal anyway? 7 t-shirt and 1 pair of raw denim for the whole week is plain boring... People(or let say "I") love you because of who you are, because you're taking care of your-fabulous -self in daily basis... Beauty isn't only skin deep when it comes to you... and i'll pray for choooo my divaaaa smoga dapet ya laptopnya... btw aku puasa juga loh udah 3 hari >.<

Joshua Christian said...

Perfectly said, kak! Keep on inspiring & best of luck on the competition (:

P.S.: may I have your rad necklace? <3

nadyagita said...

lovely pictures. I love your necklace!


Iván said...

I love your style !
Great outfit .



Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

That necklace is fierce !!!


Andudei Hardyanta said...

You're such an inprirational fashion blogger.
I'm a newbie, glad to know you, and I'd love to see your every amazing posts!

Livia said...

amazing post as always! i love your necklace so muchhh <33


Steven Brown said...


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god bless

Fashion babel said...

love that necklace!
wanna follow each other?yes no?


Anthea Lau said...

oh god your outfit is so freakin' cool! i love your necklace to bits, it's an absolute stunner.
would you like to follow each other?

Milex said...

you looked sooo goood!

Stella Lunardy said...

Indeed! I often don't care about what people say and I'm happy to wear something different from others!
love your outfit kak Ario!keep being awesome!:Dxx


sara josephine - sartob said...

LOVE the necklace kak! & i believe being different is never wrong <3 i truly adore your confidence ;)


Claireta Teressa said...

i love wearing something different from others,
you look awesome and edgy ☺♥


Reinhardt Kenneth said...

you are a true inspiration, the pictures mesmerizes in a beautiful way, I am also that guy, people always judge me for my rather, avant-garde style, being bold and strong, are just weirdly hateful for the society. I love your style for who you are, every word is well said.

mind following each other?:)