Me just like this latest collection from NEON (@wewantNEON)
NEON is an eclectic handmade accessories line, served with eco-friendly material, made for young spririted of youth generation, founded in 2011 by Dhea Tanya & Thirza Avin
This past year, NEON have come with various kind of interesting designs, but to me personally, these latest two collection, NATION WIDE and QUIRKY HIPPIE are by far, my favorite !
The Nation Wide, which i love the most, inspired by flags and pattern from various country resembles the color and pattern to the bracelets
Apart from cool bracelets, this time NEON also came up with cuffs with some choices of happening pattern and neon color !  
These are the collection

If you'd like to order, you can mail to neon.bracelet@gmail.com
Follow them at @wewantNEON or by their facebook page HERE
I LOOOVE the cuffs, and i have some already! will definitely include it on my upcoming outfit posts :p

Oh, and to close this post i'd like to congratulate BERTHA NATASHA from The Dream Redemption who just won herself two vouchers from PICNIC ! ! !
I'd like to thank anybody who participated and i hope i can comeback with a better giveaway post :)   

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

3 comment:

Girl With Plastic Camera said...

the have a cool collection! gonna get some!
congrats to Bertha!!

Girl With Plastic Camera

Mitha Komala said...

super love the usa flag legging!! that union jack bracelet is super cute! xx

Letters To Juliet

sabrina maida said...

aww nice review about wewantneon!! they have a cool collection!itu gelang-gelangnya lucu banget ya ka