A touch of red or pink
It was the attire clue for an event i'm about to review
MAZEE fX has just held its fashion show event, showcasing Danjyo Hiyoji, O2M, Benang by Unique Indonesia and several brands that is available at MAZEE like ROCK inc and etc

MAZEE invited me and i came especially for Danjyo Hiyoji *groupies* LOL
Took many photos of the show but i cursed my pocket camera *and my photography skill*, it is definitely not appropriate enough to capture moving image, so i deleted most of it :(

So I decided to take some photos of the audience and i kinda loved it :)
 Stupidly, i didn't take the picture of Dana Maulana, Rama Dauhan and Liza Mashita of Danjyo Hiyoji!!! *stupid stupid stupid* LOL

So here are some trash-quality photos

Next are the people *only few of MANY cool ones* !

Sabila from Pastel Girl with Mom and sister 

 The hippiest couple ever that night!

 This is Sarah Callista, the designer of O2M. LOVE her outfit MUCH !

Don't tell me you don't know him, please. Ichwan Toha ! !

Last, is of course, me and companies :)

 Me - Eggy Nugra - Amril Ardi
ZARA bowler hat / thrifted scarf / thrifted GAP white collared pink shirt / 
black washed skinnies / JELOVEST pointy shoes

The event itself wasn't a blast either. Still wondering why they put Danjyo Hiyoji at the first line, they would certainly fit for the closure more
  Anyway, it was pretty fun, and with many stylish people around, it was a pleasant in the eyes :)

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

3 comment:

Fariz.Rokhanudin said...

Wonderfull & very Ispiring Moment.....
Pengn liht lngsung k'sna tpi jauh he3... :(

okky dommy said...

nice post seems you had so much fun! i wish ,i could be there :)

Anonymous said...

i got the invitation but i didn't come!! now i feel so envy with you!! aikh!